Round Table Discussion

The Round Table was started to gather together the Officers and Representatives of Ohio Beekeeping clubs and address current concerns and issues impacting their members. Presented in a casual meeting setting, participants speak freely and exchange ideas on meetings, classes, and keeping membership growing. Please join one of the sessions and get acquainted with your OSBA Director and Representative. They are going to be available and here to assist! They are going to be available and here to assist! Round Tables will be hosted quarterly (January, April, July, October) from 9:00 am till 11:30 am. 


Saturday, January 16th at 9:00 am

Subjects: Virtual Beginner Bee Classes, Maintaining Membership and Sharing Club information

Speakers: Tom Rathbun, Peggy Garnes Directors/Reps, Maumee, Erie, Heart of Ohio

Education: What’s new in the area for beekeepers


Saturday, April 17th at 9:00 am

Subjects: Bee Yards, Virtual Inspections, and keeping in touch with your members

Speakers: Tom Rathbun, Peggy Garnes

Directors/Reps: Top of Ohio, Miami Valley, Ohio Valley



Saturday, July 17th at 9:00 am


Casual Get Togethers or Picnics – how are groups holding casual get togethers? not a meeting setting?

Face-to-face meetings? Who’s had?

Tell about some that have happened – successful or not, how many, Zooming, too?

Fair booths – Have they done any events? How did it go? Are things opening up in their area – opportunities to participate in events? How do they get volunteers, etc.?

Field days – Who is having these events? How did they go? How many people showed up? Describe ones that have happened.

Hive thefts – Explain what has been going on around the state, that the Medina County Sheriff is investigating to see if it seems to be organized. Wants Peggy, as President of state bee club, to collect reports and send to him.

Is anyone having or hearing of vandalism or theft events?

If anyone has hive vandalism or theft.

Make a police report – Important! please send info to OSBA President.

Where happened, details of damage or theft?

Speakers – How are you finding? Are speakers willing to come in person or do Zoom?

OSBA does have a list, plus traveling speakers.

If you have found any speakers – OSBA would like to know the name, costs? In-person or Zoom?

Traveling speakers topics and how to get signed up – Emails on the website go to President and 2 committee heads – Joe Heider and Allyson May. It will probably be via Zoom

Any other issues or questions?

Speakers: OSBA Secretary – Jeannie Saum & OSBA Treasurer – Rod Pritchard

Directors/Reps: Buckeye Hills, Crossroads, Western Reserve

Speakers: Jeannie Saum & Rod Pritchard

Directors/Reps: Buckeye Hills, Crossroads, Western Reserve


Saturday, October 16th at 9:00am

Subjects: Peggy Garnes, Tom Rathbun, Rod Pritchard, Jeannie Saum (Executive Officers)

Directors/Reps: All if possible to promote conference attendance

Speakers: Peggy Garnes, Tom Rathbun, Jamie Walters, 

Education: How clubs/associations can continue into 2022 with the continuing covid restraints. Technology brief on software & hardware to host a Zoom conference call. Quick survey with a few questions.

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