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Newsletter Advertisers Rates

 Rates Effective December 21, 2011

 Ohio State Beekeepers Association’s re-vamped quarterly newsletter, Ohio Beekeeping, now has advertising space available. Our publication is disseminated across the state of Ohio both in electronic and hard-copy versions.  The email edition is in color, and can contain hyperlinks to your web page.  The print version is black-and-white.

 Basic Business Rates Per Issue:

  • Business Card size:        $35
  • Quarter Page:                 $75
  • Half Page:                     $125
  • Full Page:                     $200

We offer a 10% discount if you advertise in all four issues.

 Beekeeping in Ohio, as in many states, is undergoing resurgence in interest and participation.  According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture in the last three years the number of beekeepers in Ohio has increased from 3735 to 4000, and the number of apiaries doubled (10,284 as of Fall 2011)! 

 Our first quarter 2012 issue will be sent out late January 2012.  The initial draft of this issue is currently 20 pages. If you are interested in reaching Ohio beekeepers, please contact me by January 2, 2012 with your paid advertisement.  Checks should be made out to: Ohio State Beekeepers Association and sent to:

Terry Lieberman-Smith
P.O. Box 24181
Dayton, OH  45424

All advertising is subject to publisher’s approval.  OSBA reserves the right to cancel at any time.  Advertising may be sent in the following formats: pdf or jpg.   All advertising must be print ready. OSBA is not responsible for any errors in ads.

 Please email me to let me know if I need to reserve space for your advertisement in the 1st Quarter 2012 edition of Ohio Beekeeping, The Newsletter of OSBA, by December 28th, 2011.

 I look forward to helping you to reach Ohio beekeepers with your products.  If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact me.


   Terry Lieberman-Smith
   Ohio Beekeeping Newsletter Editor,