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ADK Manual – $24.99 (Free Shipping)

This 34-page manual is spiral bound and lamination so it can be taken into the field as a reference and a place to take notes using a dry erase marker. Topics include hygiene, marking queens, sacbrood, chalkbrood, American foulbrood, European foulbrood, varroa mites, small hive beetle, wax moths, yellow jacks and nosema. Includes monitoring charts.

Apiary Diagnostic Kit  (available only through Betterbee)

Includes ADK Manual – “Monitoring for Sustainability”, 5-gallon bucket and lid, fresnel lens, tweezers, flashlight, blacklight flashlight 365nm, capping scratcher, sugar shake jar and screen, rubber band, coffee filters, drone comb, queen marking tube, queen marking pen, measuring cup, hive beetle blaster, hive beetle jail, microfiber towel, dry erase marker and batteries. Complete ADK kits are now available though Betterbee


DVD – Beekeeper Training – Increase your Knowledge and Skills – $24.99 (Free Shipping) – SOLD OUT

This 2 DVD set is comprised of 34 detailed training videos that address practical aspects of elementary beekeeping. The video clips are short, 3-9 minutes in length, but provide concise information on the subject matter. The videos may be used chronologically or independently. Additionally, two slide presentations are provided as supplementary learning tools. Sold Out!


Save the Honey Bee Stickers – Quantity 1000 – 25.50 (Plus Shipping)

 1000 Individual “Save the Honey Bee” stickers.

Ohio Beekeeper Window Cling – (4″x8″) – $2.00ea (Free Shipping)

Show your pride in Ohio Beekeeping with this 4″ x 8″ window cling!