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Simple as a Compound Butter

Print Simple as a Compound Butter   Delicious on grilled corn, eggplant, green beans, ….or even on toast. I also like to substitute freshly grated lemon rind instead of the herbs….this is wonderful on cornbread, rolls, and also on veggies. Ingredients 3 T. room temp butter 1 T. honey 1 t. chopped herbs (I like more »

It’s Uncomplicated–A Simple Honey Syrup

Print It’s Uncomplicated–A Simple Honey Syrup   I like to use honey in almost every aspect of my diet. However, honey simply poured into a cold beverage has a tough time mixing in. Here’s a really easy and unendingly creative simple syrup that you can use in iced tea, plain water, lemonade, seltzer, etc. Ingredients more »

Honeyed Latte

Print Honeyed Latte   Another cooling beverage, and a good use for leftover coffee– not that we have any leftover coffee in our house. Ingredients 2 c. extra strong brewed coffee 1 c. milk or ½ and ½ ⅓ c. honey 2 cups ice Instructions In large pitcher, whisk together warm coffee, milk and honey more »

Cool as Cucumber Salad

Print Cool as Cucumber Salad   Something cool and refreshing…. Ingredients 1 cucumber ¼ onion, thinly sliced ⅓ c. cider vinegar ¼ c. water 3 T honey ½ t. salt Instructions Rinse and pare the cucumber. Score lengthwise with a fork. Thinly slice cucumber. In a bowl, mix vinegar, water, honey and salt. Add the more »

Grandma W’s Honeyed Kale

Print Grandma W’s Honeyed Kale   Here’s a tasty and healthy (and fast) side dish. My Grandma W never made a recipe the way it was written..she would substitute chicken for veal, white wine for marsala…you get the drift. So, since this recipe is nothing like the original one, I’m calling this: Grandma W’s Honeyed more »

Honey of a Panna Cotta

Print Honey of a Panna Cotta   Ingredients 1 c. heavy cream 1 T. sugar ½ envelope unflavored gelatin ½ c. greek yogurt (I used vanilla, but it would be great with coffee) ⅓ c. honey Instructions Put cream and sugar in a saucepan. Bring it to a boil. Remove from heat. Place ¼ c. more »

Swarm Call Granola Bars

Print Swarm Call Granola Bars Recipe type: Snack   Ingredients 2½ c. old fashioned oats ½ c. brown sugar 1 t. cinnamon ½ t. ginger 1 c. flour (whole or all purpose ¾ c. raisins or dried cranberries or chocolate chips ½ c. honey 1 egg, beaten ½ c. applesauce ¼ c. oil Instructions Preheat oven more »

Cooling Honey-Ade

Print Cooling Honey-Ade Recipe type: Beverage   Ingredients 1 c. sugar (I like tart beverages..add more depending on your buds) 1 c honey 2½ c. freshly squeezed lemon juice (the real stuff, not bottled) Instructions In a saucepan, mix sugar and 2 c water. Bring to a boil and cook for about 5 minutes until the more »

Citrus Honey Beans

Print Citrus Honey Beans   An easy tasty side dish. Ingredients ¼ c. honey ⅓ c. orange juice 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 t. soy sauce 2. t. balsamic vinegar (or cider) 2½ c. fresh green beans, trimmed 2 t. olive oil zest from ½ lemon Instructions Stir honey, orange juice, garlic, soy sauce, and more »

Honeyed MGR (marinade/glaze/reduction)

Print Honeyed MGR (marinade/glaze/reduction)   Ingredients ⅓ c. orange juice ¼ c. white vinegar (or cider) ¾ c. honey pinch of salt and pepper a few sprigs of rosemary 4 pork chops or 4 chicken breasts (I haven’t tried this on fish, yet) Instructions Mix together orange juice, vinegar , honey, salt & pepper. Place more »

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