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Section 18 for HopGuard Approved in Ohio

The Section 18 for HopGuard has been approved by EPA and the registrant has registered the product with Ohio. I have let the registrant know they can start selling the product in Ohio. If you need more information on this subject please contact me. Regards, Diana Roll Licensing and Registration Manager Ohio Department of Agriculture more »

OSBA President’s Newsletter – March 15th, 2012

OSBA President’s Newsletter:    March 15th , 2012    From: Dana Stahlman, President of OSBA   One of the major features of my two years of office as President of OSBA is to communicate with the bee organizations in Ohio and the OSBA board officers.  I will be sending this communication out to those on more »

Support Ohio’s Bee Inspection Program

A letter was sent to County Commissioners by a Knox County beekeeper, Brian Farmer, with three or so years of experience and an ax to grind advocating the end of County bee inspection programs in Ohio.  OSBA has responded to his letter.  It is important for local organizations to raise their voice and let County more »

Systemic Pesticides – Approved Without Testing

Dan Rather Reports, “Bee Aware”.  We investigate growing questions about the impact of a new class of pesticides on honey bees — and ultimately our entire food system. Are government regulators taking the potential threat seriously enough? Many say the story of the honey bees demonstrates everything that’s wrong with pesticide regulation in the United more »

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