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Live Webinar Training Series + YouTube – The recorded presentations have been edited, uploaded, and ready for you to learn from to help make you a better beekeeper. Bee sure to join us tomorrow (Sunday, July 25 at 7:00pm) for another “Live” presentation. More details>> 



OSBA Officer & Award Nominations – Would you like to run for an OSBA Officer position or nominate someone for an award? We have a lot of great beekeepers that would make great OSBA Officers. Nominating that extra special beekeeper that goes above and beyond is easier than ever. This new page has the links, forms, and who to turn those forms into. More details>> 



Join or Renew Today – Don’t forget to join or renew your 2021 membership today. This helps support Youth Scholarship Program, Live Webinar Training Series, Travel Speaker Program, Round Table Discussion, and much, much more. More details>>



The OSBA Board is sponsoring a new 2021 Traveling Speaker ProgramChemical Treatments for Varroa Control“. OSBA covers the majority of the cost for this program. This year (2021) the OSBA Board & Traveling Speaker Committee are offering each Ohio club/association up to (2) free presentations. More details>>

OSBAA Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Training Program” – The program consists of 34 videos and several PowerPoint presentations presented by Dr. Jim Tew and John Grafton. Topics include assembling hive equipment, installing packages, inspecting hives, and much more. More details>>

Officers, Board Members & Committees – Communications when contacting OSBA: When emailing questions or concerns, the best way to get quick and accurate answers is to email the correct person. We’ve set up a contacts page to help you do just this. Please use the appropriate email link to send your questions. More details>>

We invite you to learn more about OSBA and what membership has to offer…