Swarm Removal

To search for beekeepers in Ohio who will remove swarms or established hives click on your county below:


  • Check and make sure they are honey bees. Yellow jackets and wasps are often mistaken for honey bees. See this identification guide for more info.
  • Once a swarm moves into a wall or hollow tree it is no longer a swarm and may need cut out. Many beekeepers do not provide this service due to the difficulty and expertise needed. Look for hive removal or cutout in the search results for beekeepers who will.
  • Don’t expect a beekeeper to remove a swarm for free. A few will depending on location, but free bees often costs more time and gas than purchasing bees. Hive removal and cutouts are rarely free due to the time, expense and liability involved.
  • Beekeepers and companies listed here are not endorsed by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association. They are listed here for information only.
  • Do you remove swarms or established hives?   You must be a current member of OSBA to be included on the list.   Join OSBA or update your membership information  to be included on the swarm list.


Swarm removal in Lucas County (Search another county.)

David Veith (Lucas County)

Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)

David veith 419-349-6401 Veith@toast.net I do cut outs and get pick up swarms. I do charge if called out and they are yellow jackets.

James Case (Lucas County)

Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)

I will remove swarms for free in Toledo as well as Lucas, Fulton and Wood, Lenawee and Monroe counties. Cutouts may be available on a case-by-case basis. 419-318-9857

Michael Horst (Lucas County)

Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)

Call 419.466.9640

Paul Hoag (Lucas County)

Services: Swarm Removal

Lucas, Wood counties 419-340-6740

Swarm removal in counties adjacent to Lucas County

Brad Hibbard (Henry County)

Services: Swarm Removal

Fulton, Henry, Williams, Defiance & Western Lucas Counties 419-467-0734

Mark Jones (Fulton County)

Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)

Call 419-822-9513

Joe and Jonathan Stillwagon (Wood County)

Services: Swarm Removal

Wood County 419-466-6265

Phillip Petterborg (Wood County)

Services: Swarm Removal


William Brubaker (Henry County)

Services: Swarm Removal

I'm interested in removing swarms within a 20 mile radius of Hamler, Ohio,My cell # is 419-270-2851/home phone 419-274-8019

Dwight Sawyer (Fulton County)

Services: Swarm Removal, Cutouts (Remove established hives)

Call 419 875-6550

Tom Muir (Wood County)

Services: Swarm Removal

419-350-3405; tmuir@bgsu.edu, Northwest Ohio Area

Mark Lathrop (Wood County)

Services: Swarm Removal

Call 419.346.1632

Roger Myers (Fulton County)

Services: Swarm Removal

I will pick up swarms in the Swanton OH area. 419 875 6399