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Pesticide Kill Reporting

We need your help in collection information on possible pesticide kills.  This spring we have received several notifications of pesticide kills where no notice was given by the pesticide applicator. (See Pesticide Kills in Ohio)

In communicating with other beekeepers, we have found that this is not an isolated incident in Ohio.  However, if we don’t keep track and report it, it will undoubtedly be ignored by the governing agencies.  Thus OSBA is starting a database on apiaries impacted by possible pesticide kills in Ohio.

If you or any beekeepers you know in your region have an apparent pesticide kill, please continue to report it to the EPA and ODA as well as completing the following form.  Your name and address will not be shared publicly.   Also see more information on pesticide kills here:  Pesticides and Honeybees

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Location of Hives (City, State and Zipcode), exact location of hives is not required and will not be shared. Please list each location if more that one location was affected.

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If you wish to submit more than 4 pictures or pictures larger than 2MB, then please email them to We would also ask you to submit any reports you receive from EPA or ODA and any action taken.

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