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Master Beekeeper Program – Questions and Answers

The majority of questions can be answered by reading the Rules and Procedures Manual for this program.   Additional questions are posted and answered below.  If you have any other questions or any question specific to your status in the program, please send them to

What do I need to do in preparing for the Hands-On Test?

The OSBA Field Test is to assess basic beekeeping skills when doing routine beehive maintenance and manipulations in the least disruptive manner.  The test includes the proper preparation and use of the tools and equipment used in the apiary, the assessment of what the apiary and its hives tell the beekeeper prior to opening them, the order of tasks and methods used when opening and manipulating the hive, the proper identification of everything that can be seen inside a colony of bees, what to look for and how to evaluate the presence and seriousness of pests or disease, and how and why the hive is reassembled as it is at the completion of the visit. Also, see the Apprentice Level test sheet in the Rules and Procedures Manual.

What is involved with the Hands-On test at the Apprentice Level?
The Hands-On test is an opportunity for you to show the Master Beekeeper Committee that you are aware of the hive activities when you visit the apiary.  A copy of the test grading sheet is available in the Rules and Procedures Manual.

Where do I mail the applications and payments?

Payments and applications should be mailed to:

Peggy Garnes

OSBA President

6045 Lance Road

Medina, Ohio 44256