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Approved Online Classes

Online classes require the student to complete and pass a test of at least 20 questions and must pass with a 75% or better. .   The online instructor will send a certificate of completion upon passing the test and the student must save and submit their certificates or proof of completion with grade when applying for completion of the the Journeyman Level.   It is the student’s responsibility to keep a copy of the certificate.   Instructors are not required to replace lost or misplaced certificates.

Note that only 5 credit hours per year of online classes may be counted towards the student’s 40 hours of class instruction.

See the Certified Ohio Master Beekeeper Program Rules and Procedures manual for more information.

The following online classes have been approved for credit:


University of Montana – Online Beekeeping Certificate Program

Course information can be found at:

  • Apprentice Level Course  – Counts as 5 hours , one each in category A, B, E, I and O.   Code: 01UOMA-ABEIO1
  • Journeyman Level Course – Counts as 5 hours , one each in category A, C, E, H and F.   Code: 01UOMJ-ACEHF1
  • Master Level Course  – Counts as 5 hours , one each in categories  B, C, E, I, and H.   Code: 01UOMA-BCEIH1