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Approved Classes 2016

The classes below have been approved for credit towards the Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master Beekeeping Program.   This list is not comprehensive and is subject to revision.   Additional classes will be added as information is available.  – Updated 9/15/16

Date Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
11/5/2016 OSBA Fall Conference        
  Honey Bees are Superorganisms Jamie Ellis B 45 16OSB-B1-1
  TBA Steve Repasky   45 16OSB-
  OSBA Affiliate Program for local associations Tim Arheit G 45 16OSB-G1-1
  OSBA Funded Research, Honey bees and Ash trees Reed Johnson F 45 16OSB-F1-1
  The Birds and the Bees Jamie Ellis B 45 16OSB-B1-2
  TBA Steve Repasky   45 16OSB-
  Prepping for a 2017 Pollinator Habitat TBD D 45 16OSB-D1-1
  OSBA Apiary Diagnostic Kit Alex Zomchek A 45 16OSB-A1-1
  The Business Side of Beekeeping Christie Welch G 45 16OSB-G1-2
  Addressing the Sustainability of Beekeeping Jamie Ellis E 45 16OSB-E1-1
  TBA Steve Repasky   45 16OSB-
  Queen Rearing for small Apiary (part 1) Peggy Garnes H 45 16OSB-H1-1
  New Label Laws Christie Welch G 45 16OSB-G1-3
  Feeding for Starvation, Stimulation and Nutrition Alex Zomchek E 45 16OSB-E1-1
    Steve Repasky   45 16OSB-
  Queen Rearing for small Apiary (part 2) Peggy Garnes H 45 16OSB-H1-2
  IPM Management: Drone Comb for Varroa Control Hannah Whitehead J 45 16OSB-J1-1
10/22/16 Michigan Beekeepers Association Fall Conference        
  Honey Plants in Michigan  Mike Connor  F  60  16MBA-F1-1
  Cooking with Honey  Angie Foster  C  60 16MBA- C1-1
  Varroa Mites  Zachary Huang  A   60  16MBA-A1-1
  Lip Balms & Lotions  S. Schwitek  C   60  16MBA-C1-2
  TBA  Debbie Delaney      
  Bees Blooms & Berries  Rufus Isaacs  F   60  16MBA-F1-2
  A Number of Things…  C. Hubbard  O   60  16MBA-O1-1
  Nosema Biology  Zachary Huang  A   60  16MBA-A1-2
  Bees in Germany  Andrew Mills  I   60  16MBA-I1-1
  What You Need to Know about Mites  C. Hubbard  A   60  16MBA-A1-3
  Products of the Hive  Rich Wieske  C   60  16MBA-C1-3
  Update on Med Changes for 2016 Meghan Milbrath  A   60  16MBA-A1-4
  Wintering Bees & Fall Feeding  Nathan Snyder  E   60  16MBA-E1-1
  Eastern Apiculture Society Meeting        
7/25/2016 Bee Biology & Behavior Jon Zawislak B 50 min 16EAS-B1-1
  Keeping Bees in Mediums Landi Simone E 50 16EAS-E1-1
  Introduction to Queen Rearing Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-1
  Tools for Varroa Mgt Dewey Caron J 50 16EAS-J1-1
  Presentation Skills Janice Girard O 50 16EAS-O1-1
  Seasonal Fall & Winter Mgt David Burns E 50 16EAS-E1-2
  Reducing Chemical Dependency: Feasible or Not? Kent Williams A 50 16EAS-A1-1
  Using a Cloake Board for Raising Queens Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-2
  Beyond the Basics Intermediate Courses Erin Forbes O 50 16EAS-O1-2
  Seasonal Spring and Summer Mgt Steve Repasky E 50 16EAS-E1-3
  Record Keeping as a Mgt Tool Landi Simone O 50 16EAS-O1-3
  Honey Bee Sex and Breeding Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-3
  How we manage mites Carpenter J 50 16EAS-J1-2
  Organizing a Bee School Carol Cottrill, O 50 16EAS-O1-4
  Bottling and Marketing Liquid Gold Jon Zawislaki G 50 16EAS-G1-1
  Tips and Tricks for Keeping Bees Grant Stiles E 50 16EAS-E1-4
  Mating Nucs Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-4
  Basics of Mite Biology Diana Sammataro A 50 16EAS-A1-2
  Reaching Youth Toni Burnham O 50 16EAS-O1-5
  Swarming Biology and Management Steve Repasky E 50 16EAS-E1-5
  Insulating Hives and Winter Survival John Gaut, E 50 16EAS-E1-6
  Grafting Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-5
  Varroa in NJ Tim Schuler A 50 16EAS-A1-3
  Addressing Next Generation Sarah Red-Laird O 50 16EAS-O1-6
  Reading the Frames Tim Schuler O 50 16EAS-O1-7
  Creams, Lotions and Balms Landi Simone C 50 16EAS-C1-1
  Producing Queen Cells without Grafting Erin Forbes H 50 16EAS-H1-6
  Evaluation of Summer Splits on Varroa Mites Katy Ciola Evans E 50 16EAS-E1-7
  Speaking to Civic Garden Groups Lorette Cheswick O 50 16EAS-O1-8
  Beekeeping in Malawi Tim Schuler O 50 16EAS-O1-9
7/26/2016 Expanding the Apiary David Burns E 50 16EAS-E1-8
  Microbes and Bees Diana Sammataro A 50 16EAS-A1-4
  Varroa Apivar and What works Best Phil Craft A 50 16EAS-A1-5
  Introductory Micorscopy Don Coats O 50 16EAS-O1-10
  Beyond Honey:and Other Hive Products David Burns C 50 16EAS-C1-2
  Moving Bees: Grant Stiles E 50 16EAS-E1-9
  Human Side of Beekeeping Toni Burnham E 50 16EAS-E1-10
  Summer Splits- New Queens, Mite Reduction Doug Vinson E 50 16EAS-E1-11
  Worker Anatomy: Focus on Tracheal Mites Don Coats B 50 16EAS-B1-2
  Small Hive Beetle Jon Zawislaki A 50 16EAS-A1-6
  Catch that Swarm Steve Repasky E 50 16EAS-E1-12
  Our Next Decade with Bees Noah Wilson O 50 16EAS-O1-11
  Varroa Control Strategy: Alternative Tools Medhat Nasr A 50 16EAS-A1-7
  Examining for Pollen Don Coats E 50 16EAS-E1-13
  Diseases Jon Zawislaki A 50 16EAS-A1-8
  Reading the Frames: 1 Landi Simone O 50 16EAS-O1-12
  Overwintering Nucs Vince Aloyo E 50 16EAS-E1-14
  BIP Diagnostics Heather Eversole I 50 16EAS-I1-1
  Stickey Board Assessment Don Coats A 50 16EAS-A1-9
  Fighting Mites Steve Repasky A 50 16EAS-A1-10
  Reading the Frames 2 Tim Schuler O 50 16EAS-O1-13
  Nuc Set-up Demo Vince Aloyo E 50 16EAS-E1-15
  BIP non chemical Controls Megan McConnell I 50 16EAS-I1-2
  Assessing Nosema Infection   A 50 16EAS-A1-11
  Varroa Mite Sampling Jon Zawislaki A 50 16EAS-A1-12
  Replacing and Banking Queens Kent Williams H 50 16EAS-H1-7
  Checking Grafts Vince Aloyo H 50 16EAS-H1-8
  Drone and Queen Reproduction Anatomy   B 50 16EAS-B1-3
7/27/2016 Keeping Colonies Alive—It Takes a Village Dennis vanEngelsdorp E 50 16EAS-E1-16
  Busy Bees Come from Well-Mated Queens Heather Mattila H 50 16EAS-H1-9
  State of Bee Health in Canada: How are  Bees doing up North Medhat Nasr O 50 16EAS-O1-14
  State of NJ Beekeeping Janet Katz O 50 16EAS-O1-15
  BIP Tech Teams Karen Rennich I 50 16EAS-I1-3
  Hopguard II: Medhat Nasr A 50 16EAS-A1-13
  How NE NJ Branch Mentors John Gaut O 50 16EAS-O1-16
  NJBA Pollination Grant Report Joe Alvarez, O 50 16EAS-O1-17
  Medicine of the Hive   C 50 16EAS-C1-3
  Fueling Colonies with Good Nutrition Heather Matila E 50 16EAS-E1-17
  Can we live without Varroa Controls Jeff Pettis A 50 16EAS-A1-14
  Mentoring in the South Buddy May O 50 16EAS-O1-18
  Audubon Partnering on Habitat Kristen Meistrell O 50 16EAS-O1-19
  Bee Bread & Pollen: Apitherapy   C 50 16EAS-C1-4
  Bee time in the Apiary Tim Schuler E 50 16EAS-E1-18
  Canadian Round table on bee health Medhat Nasr O 50 16EAS-O1-20
  BIP Project: Novel Findings Samuel Ramsey I 50 16EAS-I1-4
  Mentoring Montgomery County Style Tim McMahon O 50 16EAS-O1-21
  Certified Land Stewardship for Pollination Kelley Gill O 50 16EAS-O1-22
  Lyme Disease & Co Infections   A 50 16EAS-A1-15
7/28/2016 Honey Bees: Are We Managing a Wild Animal? Jeff Pettis E 50 16EAS-E1-19
  The ABCs of Bee DNA Jon Zawislak I 50 16EAS-I1-5
  Dying Bees—Harbingers of the End Times or Opportunity Buzzing?” James Frazier O 50 16EAS-O1-23
  Using an Apiary as a Pedagogical Resource Kathy Sedia B 50 16EAS-B1-4
  Big Business and the little bee Joe Lelinho G 50 16EAS-G1-2
  NY Bee Extension Emma Mullan O 50 16EAS-O1-24
  Soaps, Salves, Butters, Balms Elin Hanson C 50 16EAS-C1-5
  Why my $20 Queen Failed Jeff Pettis H 50 16EAS-H1-10
  Predicting Swarm Flight David Gilley B 50 16EAS-B1-5
  Preparing Prize Winning Wax and Creamed Honey Anna & Angelo Trapini K 50 16EAS-K1-1
  Filtering Web Info Kevin Inglin O 50 16EAS-O1-25
  Kosher Honey Rabbi Senter C 50 16EAS-C1-6
  Queen Sources for Summer Splits Doug Vinson H 50 16EAS-H1-11
  NY Queens for Early Season Nucs Ben & Kim Carpenter H 50 16EAS-H1-12
  Growing a Bee Business Grant Stiles G 50 16EAS-G1-3
  Beekeeping in Brother Adam’s Country Andrew Gibb O 50 16EAS-O1-26
  Making/Tasting Mead Sergio Moutela C 50 16EAS-C1-7
  Taking Your Queen Rearing to the Next Level David Tarpy H 50 16EAS-H1-13
7/29/2016 The NC State Queen & Disease Clinic David Tarpy B 50 16EAS-B1-6
  How Honey Bees can help us Understand Gene Expression W. Cameron Jasper I 50 16EAS-I1-6
  Differences in Beekeeping West v. East Dewey Caron O 50 16EAS-O1-27
  Beekeeping in an Urban Settings Joe Lelinho E 50 16EAS-E1-20
  Food Safety Meredith Melendez G 50 16EAS-G1-4
  Queen Reproductive Quality David Tarpy H 50 16EAS-H1-14
  Microbiota Suppression of Honey Bee Fungal Pathogens Lana Vojvodic A 50 16EAS-A1-16
  Hands-on, Don Hopkins O 50 16EAS-O1-28
  Well-Beeing, A New App Maryann Frazier O 50 16EAS-O1-29
  American Honey Princess Tabitha Mansker O 50 16EAS-O1-30
  Small Business Do’s and Don’ts Rusty Schwartz G 50 16EAS-G1-5
  Chemicals in the Life of Bees Jim Frazier B 50 16EAS-B1-7
  Microbiota Suppression of Honey Bee Fungal Pathogens Part 2 lana Vojvodic A 50 16EAS-A1-17
  Bee Extractions and Removals Rob Simonofsky O 50 16EAS-O1-31
  Gadget Garage Kevin Inglin O 50 16EAS-O1-32
  Programs of UC Davis Bee lab W. Cameron Jasper I 50 16EAS-I1-7
  What are my Honey Bees eating? Debbie Delaney F 50 16EAS-F1-1
  Nucs my way Billy Davis E 50 16EAS-E1-21
4/2/2016 SWOBA- Loveland        
  Honey Bee Nutrition Kim Flottum B 60 16SWO-B1-1
  Ohio Trees for Bees Denise Ellsworth F 60 16SWO-F1-1
  Diseases of the Hive Andrew Kartal A 60 16SWO-A1-1
  Managing Today’s Colonies for Today’s Issues Dr. Jim Tew E 60 16SWO-E1-1
  A Touch of Honey – Gourmet Cooking with Chef Todd Kelly C 60 16SWO-C1-1
  Protecting Pollinators From Pesticides Amanda Bennett A 60 16SWO-A1-2
  Seasonal Management Part I Mark Egloff E 60 16SWO-E1-2
  Installing Packages & Nucs Kevin Kress E 60 16SWO-E1-3
  Native Plants for Bees Denise Ellsworth D 60 16SWO-D1-1
  Pests of the Hive Andrew Kartal A 60 16SWO-A1-3
  Seasonal Management Part II Mark Egloff E 60 16SWO-E1-4
  The Diversified Nucleus Hive in the Backyard Apiary Dr. Jim Tew E 60 16SWO-E1-5
  The Complete Guide to Making a Honey Crop Kim Flottum C 60 16SWO-C1-2
  Q & A Time with a Panel of Local Beekeepers ?? O 60 16SWO-01-1
3/13/2016 Michigan State Beekeepers – East Lansing, MI        
  Pests & Pathogens Meghan Milbrath A 60 16MSB-A1-1
  Antibiotics & the Mite Test Kit Walter Pett J 60 16MSB-J1-1
  Queen Rearing Greg Willis H 60 16MSB-H1-1
  Lotions & Creams Sheldon Schwitek C 60 16MSB-C1-1
  The Michigan Cottage Food Act Don Lam G 60 16MSB-G1-1
  Raising Queens for Self-Sustaining Hives Mike Risk H 60 16MSB-H1-2
  Nicot Method of Queen Rearing David Payant H 60 16MSB-H1-3
  Hive House – Living With the Bees Joel Lantz E 60 16MSB-E1-1
  Sideliner to Commercial Beekeeping Dave Anthony G 60 16MSB-G1-2
  Microscope Class Dr. Z. Huang B 120 16MSB-B2-1
  TBA Gary Reuter   60  
  Mite Management Phil Craft J 60 16MSB-J1-2
  Top Bar Hives Miatt Tannana E 60 16MSB-E1-2
  Hive Management Mike Risk E 60 16MSB-E1-3
  Daring to Manage Your Hve Dave Payant E 60 16MSB-E1-4
  The Remarkable Cape Bee Steve Tilman B 60 16MSB-B1-2
  Removing Bees from Structures Charlotte Hubbard O 60 16MSB-01-1
  Blessing of the Bees Mary Dery C 60 16MSB-C1-2
  Microscope Class  (disease detection)  Meghan Milbrath B 120 16MSB-B2-3
  What we wish we knew in the beginning Charlotte Hubbard O 60 16MSB-O1-2
  Hive House – Living With the Bees Joel Lantz B 60 16MSB-B1-4
  Apitherapy 101 Kristine Jacobson I 60 16MSB-I1-1
  Aptitherapy 101 Part II Kristine Jacobson I 60 16MSB-I1-2
  Hive Management Mike Risk E 60 16MSB-E1-5
  Catching Swarms Matt Tannana E 60 16MSB-E1-6
  Splits Nathan Snyder E 60 16MSB-E1-7
  Bee Squad Francois Faloppa B 60 16MSB-B1-5
3/5/2016 Tri-County        
  Behavioral Traits for Self-Preservation in Honey Bees Jennifer Tsuruda I 60 16TRC-I1-1
  Diagnosing a Deadout Dan O’Hanlon I 60 16TRC-I1-2
  Nutritional Requirements for a Healthy Colony Jennifer Tsuruda E 60 16TRC-E1-1
  Is it Africanized or Just Mean Barb Bloetscher H 60 16TRC-H1-1
  Medical Uses for Hive Products Donald Downs C 60 16TRC-C1-1
  Oxalic Acid use and safety Wade Stiltner A 60 16TRC-A1-1
  Beeswax Cleaning and Processing Charles Walter C 60 16TRC-C1-2
  Viruses: The Hidden Troublemaker Jennifer Tsuruda A 60 16TRC-A1-2
  Urban v. Rural Beekeeping  Doug Sponsler E 60 16TRC-E1-2
  Apitherapy- Bee Sting Therapy Part I Donald Downs O 60 16TRC-O1-1
  Chemical Free Beekeeping Earl Hoffman J 60 16TRC-J1-1
  Cooking with Honey Paul Suttle C 60 16TRC-C1-3
  Honey Bee Diseases Jennifer Tsuruda A 60 16TRC-A1-3
  Propolis Cleaning and Processing Charles Walter C 60 16TRC-C1-4
  Apitherapy- Bee Sting Therapy Part II Donald Downs O 60 16TRC-O1-2
  Chemical Treatments, When and Why Reed Johnson A 60 16TRC-A1-4
  Mead Making Travis C 60 16TRC-C1-5
2/27/2016 Indiana Bee School        
  Managing Honey Bee Nutrition Kim Flottum B 45 16IBS-B1-1
  TBD Joe Latshaw   45  
  Top Bar Hives Gregg Roudebush E 45 16IBS-E1-1
  Know Your Secondary Pests  Kathleen Prough A 45 16IBS-A1-1
  Making Honey Kim Flottum C 45 16IBS-C1-1
  Indiana Queen Project  Dave Shenefield H 45 16IBS-H1-6
  Bee Anatomy  Jerry Zimmerman B 45 16IBS-B1-2
  Honey in the Kitchen  Karen Lackey C 45 16IBS-C1-2
  Pests and Diseases  Kim Flottum A 45 16IBS-A1-2
  Raising Queens  Krispen Given H 45 16IBS-H1-2
  Honeybee Ambassadors  Gary Keesling O 45 16IBS-O1-1
  10 Rules of Modern Beekeeping  Kim Flottum E 45 16IBS-E1-2
  Spring Hive Management  Mike Schluttenhofer E 45 16IBS-E1-3
  OTS(On the Spot Queen Rearing for Little Apiaries)  Mel Disselkoen H 45 16IBS-H1-3
  Apitheraphy  Dr. Ami Rice O 45 16IBS-O1-2
  Hive Inspection  Ron Myers E 45 16IBS-E1-4
  Beeswax Products  Shana Hoffman C 45 16IBS-C1-3
  Swarm Management  Jeff Dittemore E 45 16IBS-E1-5
2/20/2016 Western PA        
  Farmer-Beekeeper Cooperation to Protect Bees from Insecticides Jeff Harris I 50 16WPA-I1-1
  Effects of Fungicides on Honey Bee Colonies Diane Sammataro I 50 16WPA-I1-2
  Managing Varroa Mites Jeff Harris J 50 16WPA-J1-1
  Winter Management Perry Arlia E 50 16WPA-E1-1
  Beneficial Microbes in the Hives & Their Effects on Bees Diane Sammataro A 50 16WPA-A1-1
  Cooking with Honey Fred Blosat C 50 16WPA-C1-1
  Bee Nutrition from Genes to Landscapes Christina Grozinger D 50 16WPA-D1-1
  Swarm Control & Making Splits Jeff Harris E 50 16WPA-E1-2
  Honey Plants & How to Recognize the Valuable Ones Diane Sammataro F 50 16WPA-F1-1
  Bear Fencing Bill Kopar A 50 16WPA-A1-2
  The Complex World of the Winter Bee Christina Grozinger E 50 16WPA-E1-3
2/6/2016 Frankfort KY Conference        
  A Guide To Bee Nutrition Clay Guthrie B 60 16FKY-B1-1
  A Guide For Honey Production(Splits/Nucs) Stephanie Tarwater E 60 16FKY-E1-1
  A Guide To Growing Your Apiary (Splits/Nucs) Stephanie Tarwater E 60 16FKY-E1-2
  A Guide To Growing Your Beekeeping Hobby Into A Part Time Business John Antenucci G 60 16FKY-G1-1
  A Guide To Disease And Pest Management Clay Guthrie A 60 16FKY-A1-1
1/30/2016 Mid-Ohio Valley Expo        
  Candles Sam Hammett C 50 16MOV-C1-1
  Selecting Honey Bees for Behavioral Resistance to Varroa Mites Greg Hunt/Krispen Given J 50 16MOV-J1-1
  Food Sources during the Dearth Laird Ruble F 50 16MOV-F1-1
  Looking Beyond the Landing Board Wade Stiltner E 50 16MOV-E1-1
  Is there a Better Way to keep Bees? David Rectenwald E 50 16MOV-E1-2
  Side by Side Nucs Kenny Back E 50 16MOV-E1-3
  Products of the Hive Various C 50 16MOV-C1-2
  Colony Seasonal Management Steve Repasky E 50 16MOV-E1-4
  Cell-Punch- A Non Grafting System Gabe Blatt H 50 16MOV-H1-1
  Honey Bee Starvation Joyce Frey E 50 16MOV-E1-5
  Honey Bee Health and Keeping Bees Alive Wade Stiltner E 50 16MOV-E1-6
  Oxalic Acid Treatments Rebecca Moretto A 50 16MOV-A1-1
  What Queen Genetics are Right for You JJ Barrett H 50 16MOV-H1-2
  Things that Make Sick Bees:?! Wade Stiltner A 50 16MOV-A1-2
  Backyard Queen Rearing Greg Hunt/Krispen Given H 50 16MOV-H1-3
  Top Bar Hives Mike & Sally Blessing E 50 16MOV-E1-7
  Bee Flowers fo rthe Backyard Green Thumb Mona Barrett & Joan Fontaine F 50 16MOV-F1-2
  Processing Your Honey after the Harvest Rebecca Moretto C 50 16MOV-C1-3
1/9/2016 Second Year and Beeyond Beekeeping Bill Starrett E 4 hours 16GCB-E6-1
1/9/2016 American Beekeeping Federation        
  How changes on the landscape are impacting honey bee nutrition and opportunities to help. Pete Berthelsen F 90 16ABF-F1-1
  Honey Bee Pest and Pathogen Identification Mark Dykes A 90 16ABF-A1-1
  How to Produce Top Quality Forms of Comb Honey for the General Public Gene Killion K 90 16ABF-K1-1
  Medical Issues in the Apiary: How to Prevent, Recognize, and Address Dr. Michael Misko O 90 16ABF-O1-1
  The Effects of In-Hive Miticides on Honey Bee Queens Elizabeth Walsh A 90 16ABF-A1-2
  Fundraising for the Local and State Beekeeping Association Michele Colopy O 90 16ABF-O1-2
  Bee Safety Debbie Seib O 90 16ABF-O1-3
  How to Effectively Use Oxalic Acid Dr. Marion Ellis A 90 16ABF-A1-3
  Candle Making Ginger Reuter K 90 16ABF-K1-2
  Managed Pollination Protection David Westervelt & Jeanette Klopchin D 90 16ABF-D1-1
  Encaustic Painting George Hasen K 90 16ABF-K1-3
  Mites Gary Reuter A 90 16ABF-A1-4
  How to “Develop Value Added Programs” for your association Cathy MIsko O 90 16ABF-O1-4
2016 Medina County Beekeepers Club Meeings        
1/18/2016 Oxalic Acid to the Rescue Dr. Jim Tew A 60 16MCC-A1-1
2/15/2016 Don’t break your back Beekeeping Ben Slay O 60 16MCC-01-1
3/21/2016 Hive Tracks James Wilkes E 60 16MCC-E1-1
4/18/2016 Beelining – The biology and behavior of bees Dr. Tom Seeley B 60 16MCC-B1-1
5/16/2016 All about Swarming Steve Repasky E 60 16MCC-E1-2
6/20/2016 National Pollinators  Denise Ellsworth D 180 16MCC-D3-1
9/19/2016 New Labeling Laws Joann Dunlevey G 60 16MCC-G1-1
10/17/2016 Which Management Pratices work best Karen Rennich E 150 16MCC-E3-3