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Approved Classes 2015

The classes below have been approved for credit towards the Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master Beekeeping Program.   This list is not comprehensive and is subject to revision.   Additional classes will be added as information is available.  – Updated 11/10/2015


Date Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Hours Class Code
1/19/2015 Medina County Beekeepers        
  Getting Ready for Spring Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15MCBA-E1-1
1/31/2015 Mid Ohio Valley Beekeepers’ Association Bee Expo        
  Nucs, Nucs and more Nucs Wade Stiltner E 1 15MOV-E1-1
  Transforming as week Overwintered Hive Joyce Frey E 1 15MOV-E1-2
  The Ins and Outs of the Honey Bee Removal Sam Hammett O 1 15MOV-O1-1
  Queen Rearing Dr. Steve Sheppard H 1 15MOV-H1-1
  Winter Management Paul Poling E 1 15MOV-E1-3
  Raising your own Queens – As easy as ABC Kenny Bach H 1 15MOV-H1-2
  What “Mite” be hiding in your hive Rebecca Moretto A 1 15MOV-A1-1
  Let’s sell your Wares the right way! Janet Clayton G 1 15MOV-G1-1
  What damage are Herbicides/Pesticides doing to our bees? JJ Barrett I 1 15MOV-I1-1
  Correcting Inadequate Beekeeping Practices Jason Bach E 1 15MOV-E1-4
  To Bee or not to Bee on the Web Sally Blessing O 1 15MOV-O1-2
  Spring Splits Wade Stiltner E 1 15MOV-E1-5
  Honey Bee Nutrition Dr. Joseph S. Latshaw O 1 15MOV-I1-2
  Diseases of the Hive Glay Guthrie A 1 15MOV-A1-2
  Cooking with Honey Various C 1 15MOV-C1-1
2/12/2015 West Central Ohio Beekeepers Association        
  Elements of Sustainable Beekeeping Dr Larry Connor E 1 15WCO-E1-1
2/13/2015 Western PA Beekeeping Seminar        
  The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Beekeeping Jerry Hayes and Dr. Larry Connor I 1 15WPA-I1-1
2/14/2015 Western PA Beekeeping Seminar        
  Monsanto’s Commitment to Honey Bee Health Jerry Hayes O 1 15WPA-O1-1
  Honey Plants and Bees and Trees Dr. Larry Connor F 1 15WPA-F1-1
  Honey Bees and Organic Gardening Doug Oster F 1 15WPA-F1-2
  Value Added Products Sister Lyn Szymkiewicz C 1 15WPA-C1-1
  Cooking with Honey Fred Blosat C 1 15WPA-C1-2
  The Sustainable Apiary Dr. Larry Connor E 1 15WPA-J1-1
  Research in Overwintering Hives Mali Doke E 1 15WPA-E1-1
  Bee Informed Partnership – Beekeeper Science BIP Staff I 1 15WPA-I1-2
  Honey Bee Pests, Predators and Disease Jerry Hayes A 1 15WPA-A1-1
  Honey Bee Nutrition Dr. Larry Connor O 1 15-WPA-O1-2
2/28/2015 Indiana Beekeepers’ Association Bee School XIII        
  Realistic Natural Beekeeping Jennifer Berry E 1 15IBS-E1-1
  Bio-Logical Beekeeping Dr. Joe Latshaw O 1 15IBS-O1-1
  Honey in the Kitchen Karen Lacky C 1 15IBS-C1-1
  Colony Density and It’s Effects Jennifer Berry E 1 15IBS-E1-2
  Two Pounds of Bees – Optimizing Growth Potential Dr. Joe Latshaw E 1 15IBS-E1-5
  Brewing with Honey Anita Johnson C 1 15IBS-C1-2
  Sub Lethal Effects of Common Miticides Jennifer Berry I 1 15IBS-I1-1
  Health Department Morgan Bennett/Tammy Gleber A 1 15IBS-A1-1
  Using Oxalic Acid Andy Lohrman A 1 15IBS-A1-2
  Top Bar Hives Tim Caldwell I 1 15IBS-I1-2
  Nuc Production Jennifer Berry E 1 15IBS-E1-3
  Feeding Bees, Types of Feeders Kathleen Prough E 1 15IBS-E1-4
  Indiana Queens Project Dr. Greg Hunt & Dave Shenefield H 1 15IBS-H1-1
  Going from Hobbiest to Sideliner to Commercial Tim Wilbanks O 1 15IBS-O1-2
  Spring Management Part 1 Danny Slabaugh E 1 15IBS-E1-6
  How and when to use an EpiPen Renee Butts & Gary Fisher O 1 15IBS-O1-3
  Spring Management Part 2 Danny Slabaugh E 1 15IBS-E1-7
  Heartland Apiary Society Rich Wieske O 1 15IBS-O1-4
3/6/2015 Tri-County Beekeeping Workshop        
  Adventures in Queen Rearing Dan O’Hanlon H 1 15TCBA-H1-3
3/7/2015 Tri-County Beekeeping Workshop        
  Today’s Enviroment – The New Normal Dr. Jim Tew I 1 15TCBA-I1-3
  Queen and Drone Biology Dan O’Hanlon H 1 15TCBA-H1-1
  County Fair – Dos and Don’ts John Grafton K 1 15TCBA-K1-1
  The Benificial Qualities of Hive Products Laurie Dotson, Jeannie Saum C 1 15TCBA-C1-1
  Adventures in Reclamation Tammy Horn I 1 15TCBA-I1-1
  Beekeeping Career in Science Reed Johnson I 1 15TCBA-I1-2
  You Are Not Alone: Mistakes We All Make Isaac and Jayne Barnes E 1 15TCBA-E1-1
  Mechanics of Queen Rearing Joe Kovaleski H 1 15TCBA-H1-2
  Transitioning from Hobby to Career Isaac Barnes G 1 15TCBA-G1-1
  Products of the Hive: Part 1 Laurie Dotson, Jeannie Saum C 1 15TCBA-C1-2
  Growing a Garden a Pollinator will Love Deborah Singer O 1 15TCBA-O1-1
  Cooking with Honey Ann Griffith C 1 15TCBA-C1-2
  Nuc Production for Sustainable Beekeeping Dwight Wells E 1 15TCBA-E1-2
  Can a Colony Get Too Big Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15TCBA-E1-3
  Products from the Hive: Part 2 Laurie Dotson, Jeannie Saum C 1 15TCBA-C1-3
  Mead Making 101 Justin DeVilbiss C 1 15TCBA-C1-4
3/12/2015 West Central Ohio Beekeepers Association        
  Elements of Sustainable Beekeeping Dr. Larry Conner E 1 15WCOBA-E1-1
3/13/2015 Michigan Beekeepers Association        
  Swarm Removal & Cutouts Charlotte Hubbard O 1 15MBA-O1-1
  Nosema Jamie Ostrowski A 1 15MBA-A1-1
  Cooking with Honey Angie Foster C 1 15MBA-C1-1
  Neonics Walter Pett O 1 15MBA-O1-2
  Value Added Hive Products Sheldon Shwitek C 1 15MBA-C1-2
  Honey Bee Nutrition Earl Hoffman O 1 15MBA-O1-3
  Wild Flowers and Bees Joel Lantz F 1 15MBA-F1-1
  Queen Rearing Mike Risk H 1 15MBA-H1-1
  Lazy Bees Michael Bush E 1 15MBA-E1-1
  On the Spot Queen Rearing Mel Diselkoen H 1 15MBA-H1-2
  Make & Take Roll Candles Barb Applebee C 1 15MBA-C1-3
  Basics of Pollination Don Lam D 1 15MBA-D1-1
  Building a Website Joan Mandell O 1 15MBA-O1-4
  Bee Biology Jom Withers B 1 15MBA-B1-1
  Pests, Predators, and Diseases Don Schram A 1 15MBA-A1-2
  Mini-Nucs Mike Risk & Steve Tilmann E 1 15MBA-E1-2
  Bee Folklore Cindy Dudock I 1 15MBA-I1-1
3/14/2015 Michigan Beekeepers Association        
  4 Simple Steps to Beekeeping Michael Bush I 1 15MBA-I1-2
  On the Spot Queen Rearing Mel Diselkoen H 1 15MBA-H1-2
  Chemical Free Beekeeping Don Schram E 1 15MBA-E1-3
  Make & Take Roll Candles Barb Applebee C 1 15MBA-C1-3
  Frames Bob Hollis O 1 15MBA-O1-5
  Urban Beekeeping Sheldon Shwitek I 1 15MBA-I1-3
  Nosema Jamie Ostrowski A 1 15MBA-A1-1
  Neonics Walter Pett O 1 15MBA-O1-2
  Marketing Don Lam G 1 15MBA-G1-1
  Apitherapy Part 1 Christine Jacobson C 1 15MBA-C1-4
  Pollinator Plants in Michigan Hoopingarner D 1 15MBA-D1-2
  Cooking with Honey Angie Foster C 1 15MBA-C1-1
  People, Pollinators, and Plants Joan Mandell F 1 15MBA-F1-2
  What We Wish We Knew Charlotte Hubbard I 1 15MBA-I1-4
  Apitherapy Part 2 Christine Jacobson C 1 15MBA-C1-5
  Mead Making Aaron Dionne C 1 15MBA-C1-6
  Wild Flowers & Bees Joel Lantz F 1 15MBA-F1-1
  Cut Comb Honey Clay Ottoni C 1 15MBA-C1-7
  Making Splits Don Schram E 1 15MBA-E1-4
  Mini-Nucs Mike Risk & Steve Tilmann E 1 15MBA-E1-2
  Honey Bee Nutrition Earl Hoffman O 1 15MBA-O1-3
3/14/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Surviving Winter and Now into Spring Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15MCBA-E1-2
  Serious Honey Production Kim Flottum C 1 15MCBA-C1-1
  Making Bees Peggy Garnes H 1 15MCBA-H1-1
  Professional Varroa Control Tracy Alarcon A 1 15MCBA-A1-1
3/16/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Pesticides and Poisons in the HIve Reed Johnson I   15MCBA-I1-1
3/25/2015 Tri-County Beekeepers Association        
  Spring Management of Honey Bees Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15TCBA-E1-4
3/28/2015 Southwestern Ohio Beekeeper School        
  Gardening for Pollinators Denise Ellsworth D 1 15SOBS-D1-1
  Swarm Behavior & Management Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15SOBS-E1-3
  Ten Rules of Modern Beekeeping Kim Flottum I 1 15SOBS-I1-1
  Phenology for Beekeeper Denise Ellsworth O 1 15SOBS-O1-1
  When Things Go Bad! Phil Craft E 1 15SOBS-E1-4
  A Touch of Honey – Gourmet Cooking Chef Todd Kelly C 1 15SOBS-C1-1
  Seasonal Management – Part I Mark Egloff E 1 15SOBS-E1-5
  Seasonal Management – Part II Mark Egloff E 1 15SOBS-E1-6
  Preparing Honey for Show & Sale Jim Thompson K 1 15SOBS-K1-1
  Honey Bee Nutrition Kim Flottum E 1 15SOBS-B1-1
  Installing Packages & Nucs Kevin Kress E 1 15SOBS-E1-7
  Creating Buzz: Direct Marketing Honey Christie Welch G 1 15SOBS-E1-8
  Reducing Colony Loss and Increasing Winter Survival Phil Craft E 1 15SOBS-E1-9
  Monitoring and Controlling Varroa Mites Dr. Jim Tew A 1 15SOBS-A1-1
4/20/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  The Sustainable Apiary Dr. Larry Connor E 1 15MCBA-E1-4
4/21/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Spring & Summer Management Jeff Harris E 1 15MCBA-E1-5
5/16/2015 Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Field Day Conference        
  Microbials and Honey Bees Earl Hoffman B 1 15GCB-B1-1
  Raising Ohio Queens Laura Urban H 1 15GCB-H1-1
5/18/2015 Medina County Beekepers Association        
  Honey Judging – Preparing Honey Jim Thompson K 1 15MCBA-K1-1
6/25/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Defend & Manage Native Pollinators from Pesticides Michelle Colopy D 1 15MCBA-D1-1
7/9/2015 – Heartland Apicultural Society        
  The Flowers & The Bees Dr. Clarence Collison D 1 15HAS-D1-1
  Honey Production and Sales Jonathan & Mieke Engelsma C 1 15HAS-C1-1
  The American Pollination Industry Joe Traynor D 1 15HAS-D1-2
  The State of the Midwest’s Trees Mike Connor F 1 15HAS-F1-1
  Grants for Beekeeping Projects Stu Jacobson G 1 15HAS-G1-1
  Dolittle Split Method Dr. Larry Connor E 1 15HAS-E1-1
  Drone & Queen Mating Biology Krispn Given H 1 15HAS-H1-1
  Sustainable Beekeeping with Fall Nucs Dr. M. Milbrath E 1 15HAS-D1-3
  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Mike Risk J 1 15HAS-J1-1
  Bee Anatomy & Dissection Dr. Zachary Huang B 2 15HAS-B2-1
  Bee Pollen Collection and Sale   C 1 15HAS-C1-13
  Train the Trainer Sheldon Schwitek G 1 15HAS-G1-2
  Bee Races & Sub-species Dr. R. Hoopingarner I 1 15HAS-I1-2
  Swarm Removals & Cutouts Charlotte Hubbard E 1 15HAS-E1-3
  Genetic Selection Program @ Purdue Dr. Greg Hunt H 1 15HAS-H1-9
  Green Propolis & Disease Prevention Renata Borba J 1 15HAS-J1-2
  Queen Rearing Methods Mike Wilson H 1 15HAS-H1-2
  Make it – Take it – Rolled Candles – CANCELED Barb Applebee C 1 15HAS-D1-4
  Drivers of Colony Losses in the US Dr. Dennis VanEngelsdorp A 1 15HAS-A1-1
  Swarming Reconsidered Larry Krengel E 1 15HAS-E1-4
  Beekeeping Business Plan Stu Jacobson G 1 15HAS-G1-3
  Bees & Trees Mike Conner F 1 15HAS-F1-3
  Nosema & Winter Dr. T. Webster A 1 15HAS-A1-2
  Top 10 Pollinator Plants Pete Berthelsen F 1 15HAS-F1-4
  Making Splits Dwight Wells E 1 15HAS-E1-5
  History of Artificial Insemination Dr. Sue Cobey H 1 15HAS-H1-3
  Honey Bee Phermones Dr. C. Collison I 1 15HAS-I1-10
  Lotions & Potions Cindy Dudock C 1 15HAS-C1-2
  What we wish we knew at the BEE-ginning Charlotte Hubbard E 1 15HAS-E1-6
  Beeswax & Uses Joe Kovaleski C 1 15HAS-C1-13
  Bee Nutrition Kim Flottum I 1 15HAS-I1-3
  Building Equipment Winn Harless E 1 15HAS-E1-7
  Pollination and Wildlife’s Winter Food Supply Peter Berthelsen D 1 15HAS-D1-5
  Bees & Art   C 1 15HAS-C1-3
  Good Bee Mgt: A data based community approach Dr. Dennis VanEngelsdorp I 1 15HAS-I1-4
  Honey & Health Joe Traynor C 1 15HAS-C1-4
  Lotion Bars Sheldon Schwitek C 1 15HAS-C1-5
  Honey Bee Stock Improvement & Germplasm Importation to Enhance Domestic Stock Dr. Sue Cobey H 1 15HAS-H1-4
  10 Rules of Modern Beekeeping Kim Flottum E 1 15HAS-E1-8
  Advanced Products from the Hive Sheldon Schwitek C 1 15HAS-C1-6
  Managing Nucleus Colonies Dwight Wells E 1 15HAS-E1-9
  Plant Selection for Native Pollinator Mike Conner D 1 15HAS-D1-6
  Diseases & Pests Control Methods Dr. Walter Pett A 1 15HAS-A1-3
  Small Scale Pollination Don Schram D 1 15HAS-D1-7
  Tech Team Transfer Updates Renata Borba I 1 15HAS-I1-5
  Blueberry Pollination by Honey Bees & Wild Bees Dr. Rufus Isaacs D 1 15HAS-D1-8
  Lip Balm & Salves Making Barb Applebee C 1 15HAS-C1-7
  Good Mentors & Mentees Charlotte Hubbard G 1 15HAS-G1-4
  Honey Online Store Mieke Engelsma G 1 15HAS-G1-5
  Wintering Nucs Mike Risk E 1 15HAS-E1-10
  Observation Hives Dr. T. Webster I 1 15HAS-I1-6
  Creating Great Pollinator Habitat Project Pete Berthelsen D 1 15HAS-D1-9
  How to Spread the Buzz About Bees Dr. Larry Connor G 1 15HAS-G1-6
  Survey Says: What Works, What Doesn’t Dr. Dennis VanEngelsdorp E 1 15HAS-E1-11
  Cooking with Honey Angie Foster C 1 15HAS-C1-8
  Propolis & Colony Health Renata Borba J 1 15HAS-J1-3
  Introduction to Bees Pests & Diseases Dr. Walter Pett A 1 15HAS-A1-4
  Setting Up a Farmers’ Market Stand Mieke Engelsma G 1 15HAS-G1-7
  Numbers, Boxcars, & Bees Dr. R. Hoopingarner E 1 15HAS-E1-12
  Colony Management for Honey Production Dr. C. Collinson E 1 15HAS-E1-13
  Apitherapy 1 – CANCELED Kristine Jacobsen C 1 15HAS-C1-9
  Apitherapy 2 – CANCELED Kristine Jacobsen C 1 15HAS-C1-10
  Wild Bees of Michigan Dr. Rufus Isaacs I 1 15HAS-I1-8
  CSI – Nosema Detection Dr. Zachary Huang A 1 15HAS-A1-5
  To Treat or Not to Treat? Don Schram A 1 15HAS-A1-6
  Cut Comb Winn Harless C 1 15HAS-C1-11
  Nosema & Winter Effects Dr. T. Webster A 1 15HAS-A1-7
  Bee Forage Joe Traynor F 1 15HAS-F1-5
  Honey Bee Mating Biology & Strategies to Maintain Genetic Diversity Dr. Sue Cobey H 1 15HAS-H1-6
  Beekeeper’s Workshop Steve Tilman G 1 15HAS-G1-8
  The Secrets of Drone Congestion Area Dr. Larry Conner H 1 15HAS-H1-7
  Examining Comb – What Do They Tell? Dr. C. Collison E 1 15HAS-E1-14
  What NOT to Do in Beekeeping Cindy Dudock E 1 15HAS-E1-15
  Native Pollinator – Bees in the Garden Mike Conner D 1 15HAS-D1-10
  Conducting Research in Your Beeyard Mike Wilson I 1 15HAS-I1-9
  2 Queen Colonies Dr. R. Hoopingarner E 1 15HAS-E1-16
  Hive Management Mike Risk E 1 15HAS-E1-17
  Swarm Catching & Trapping Winn Harless E 1 15HAS-E1-18
  Winter Preparation Joe Kovaleski E 1 15HAS-E1-19
  Small Scale Sustainable Queens Dr. Larry Connor H 1 15HAS-H1-8
  Making Mead Ken Schram C 1 15HAS-C1-12
8/10/2015 – Eastern Apicultural Society        
  Queen and Drone Biology/Queen Rearing Equipment/Queen and Nuc Regulations Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-1
  Pest & Disease Identification Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-1
  Honey Bee Anatomy Lab Zachary Huang B 2 15EAS-B2-1
  Protocol for Rearing Queens/Record Keeping/Timing Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-2
  Monitoring and Record Keeping/ IPM Components and Value Tech Transfer Specialists J 1 15EAS-J1-1
  Yard Session – Prepare Cell Builder Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-3
  Yard Session – Prepare Mating Nucs Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-4
  Yard Session – Collecting, Tagging and Clipping Queens Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-5
  Yard Session – Queen Cell Care, Mated Queen Care, Transportation and Introduction Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-6
  Yartd Session – Monitoring (ether roll, alcohol wash, sticky board, sugar dust) Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-2
  Yard Session – Cultural Management Techniques Tech Transfer Specialists E 1 15EAS-E1-1
  Managing honey bee defensive behavior Greg Hunt E 1 15EAS-E1-2
  Division of labour in honey bee colonies Zachary Huang B 1 15EAS-B1-2
  With a commercial orchard design like this, who needs to rent bees? Stefan Sobkowiak O 1 15EAS-O1-1
  Spring management Tammy Horn E 1 15EAS-E1-3
  Finding and replacing queen bees Tammy Horn E 1 15EAS-E1-4
  Honey bee nutrition Pierre Giovenazzo F 1 15EAS-F1-1
  Honey bee pheromones Zachary Huang B 1 15EAS-B1-3
  Doug’s double nuc method of overwintering Doug McRory E 1 15EAS-E1-5
  Indoor wintering of honey bee colonies Rob Currie E 1 15EAS-E1-6
  The swarming cycle of Apis mellifera Gard Otis B 1 15EAS-B1-4
  Interpreting colony conditions to diagnose swarming, supersedure, and emergency queen rearing Gard Otis B 1 15EAS-B1-5
  Stock Selection and Breeding Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-7
  Yard Session – Frame Selection and Grafting Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-8
  Yard Session – Preparation of Cell Bars, Grafting Frames Queen cages and Queen Candy Tech Transfer Specialists H 1 15EAS-H1-9
  American foulbrood diagnosis and management Steve Pernal A 1 15EAS-A1-3
  Nosema disease, biology and control Daniel Borges A 1 15EAS-A1-4
  IPM Treatments Tech Transfer Specialists J 1 15EAS-J1-2
  Honey bee viruses and their association with varroa Mollah Hamiduzzaman A 1 15EAS-A1-5
  The varroa project: a citizen science program for hobby beekeepers Rebecca Masterman I 1 15EAS-I1-1
  Nosema identification lab session Pierre Giovenazzo & Daniel Borges A 2 15EAS-A2-6
  Yard Session – Oxalic Acid, Thymovar Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-7
  Yard Session – Formic Acid, MAQS Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-8
  Yard Session – Antibiotics, Fumigilin-B Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-9
  Yard Session – Apistan®, Checkmite+, Apivar® Tech Transfer Specialists A 1 15EAS-A1-10
  Varroa mite control Rob Currie A 1 15EAS-A1-11
  Oxalic acid: A miticide for varroa control Medhat Nasr A 1 15EAS-A1-12
  Pesticides and basic toxicology Cynthia Scott-Dupree O 1 15EAS-O1-2
  The immune system of honey bees Paul Goodwin B 1 15EAS-B1-6
  When beekeeping goes bad Phil Craft O 1 15EAS-O1-3
  From the flower to the cell: making nectar into honey Dennis VanEngelsdorp C 1 15EAS-C1-1
  A reduced risk integrated pest management program for honey bees: Basics and in practice Medhat Nasr J 1 15EAS-J1-3
  Improving bee management: Pest surveillance and biosecurity Medhat Nasr J 1 15EAS-J1-4
  Honey bee genetics Greg Hunt H 1 15EAS-H1-10
  Sex determination in honey bees Zachary Huang H 1 15EAS-H1-11
  Honey bee pathology: stressor effects and honey bee defenses Geoff Williams A 1 15EAS-A1-13
  Small hive beetle Pierre Giovenazzo A 1 15EAS-A1-14
  Helping our bees prepare for winter Phil Craft E 1 15EAS-E1-7
  Residues in hive and honey products Steve Pernal C 1 15EAS-C1-2
  The antimicrobial properties of honey Karol Mathews C 1 15EAS-C1-3
  The evolution of honey bees Dennis vanEngelsdorp I 1 15EAS-I1-2
  Elemental honey bee breeding Ernesto Guzman H 1 15EAS-H1-12
  Value or values: audacious ideas for the future of beekeeping Mark L. Winston I 1 15EAS-I1-3
  The spirit of the hive: Mechanisms of social evolution Robert E. Page Jr. I 1 15EAS-I1-4
  Field studies examining exposure and effects of neonics on bee health Cynthia Scott-Dupree I 1 15EAS-I1-5
  The legacy of early nutritional stress for honey bee foragers Heather Mattila A 1 15EAS-A1-15
  Creating forest-based beekeeping corridors Tammy Horn F 1 15EAS-F1-2
  Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Canadian honeys: main components and their mode of action Katrina Brudzynski C 1 15EAS-C1-4
  Cell Starter to Cell Finisher   H 1 15EAS-H1-13
  Health of honey bee reproductives: effects of parasites and pesticides on drones and queens Geoff Williams H 1 15EAS-H1-14
  The influence of genetic diversity on foraging productivity Heather Mattila B 1 15EAS-B1-7
  A year in the life of Headwaters Farm David Mendes O 1 15EAS-O1-12
  Honey treatment for wounds: why it is the best Karol Mathews C 1 15EAS-C1-5
  Honey bee stressor interactions: Nosema and pesticides, from the laboratory to the field Geoff Williams A 1 15EAS-A1-16
  Essence of royalty: honey bee queen pheromone Mark Winston B 1 15EAS-B1-8
  Bee Squad: helping people help bees Rebecca Masterman O 1 15EAS-O1-4
  Effects of neonicotinoids and varroa on honey bee health Nuria Morfin A 1 15EAS-A1-17
  Native pollinators in Ontario agriculture Alana Pindar D 1 15EAS-D1-1
  Beekeeping in cities Fran Freeman E 1 15EAS-E1-8
  COLOSS Honey Bee Research Association Geoff Williams O 1 15EAS-O1-5
  Clothianidin in corn and impact on bee survival, foraging and honey production David MacKay O 1 15EAS-O1-6
  The Canadian Pollination Intitiative has helped apiculture nationally and internationally Peter Kevan O 1 15EAS-O1-7
  Data Informed Beekeeping Best Management Practices Dennis VanEngelsdorp E 1 15EAS-D1-2
  Beekeeping development projects: Why some succeed and far too many fail Gard Otis O 1 15EAS-O1-8
  Pesticides, parasites, pollinators:impacts of environmental stressors on bees Nigel Raine A 1 15EAS-A1-18
  Using managed pollinators for biological crop protection and enhanced production Peter Kevan D 1 15EAS-D1-3
  Biosecurity in the bee yard Paul Kozak G 1 15EAS-G1-1
  Amazing beekeeping discoveries at Tel Rehov, Israel: Innovative use of morphometric analyses Gard Otis I 1 15EAS-I1-6
  A season long study of pesticide exposure in Ontario and Quebec Nadia Tsvetkov I 1 15EAS-I1-7
  The challenges of reconciling environmental stewardship and agriculture Rene Van Acker O 1 15EAS-O1-9
  Organic beekeeping Julie White J 1 15EAS-J1-5
  Beekeeping in Bangladesh Phil Craft O 1 15EAS-O1-10
  Impact and control of honey bee viruses current and future approaches Rob Currie I 1 15EAS-I1-8
  The Honey Bee Health Project: What have we learned so far? Steve Pernal I 1 15EAS-I1-9
  Responses of bees against mites and viruses Mollah Hamiduzzaman A 1 15EAS-A1-19
  Fruits, vegetables and pro-bee-otics: natural treatments for nosema disease Daniel Borges A 1 15EAS-A1-20
  The use of genomic tools for honey bee health Brock Harpur I 1 15EAS-I1-10
  Nosema ceranae: immigrant but not a newcomer! Pegah Valizadeh A 1 15EAS-A1-21
  Virulence factors from Paenibacillus larvae, the cause of AFB Rod Merril A 1 15EAS-A1-22
  Breeding for disease resistance: Using proteomic marker Steve Pernal H 1 15EAS-H1-15
  Marker assisted selection for breeding resistance to varroa Rob Currie H 1 15EAS-H1-16
  Natural immunity and resistance of honey bees to nosema disease Pegah Valizadeh A 1 15EAS-A1-23
  VSH testing in honey bee breeding Pierre Giovenazzo H 1 15EAS-H1-17
  Effect of miticides on bee health and behavio Hanan Gashout A 1 15EAS-A1-24
  Drivers of colony health: disease, chemicals, and nutrition oh my Dennis VanEngelsdorp A 1 15EAS-A1-25
  Breeding for lower defensive behavior Greg Hunt H 1 15EAS-H1-18
  Queen health: evaluation of imported and local honey bee stock Patricia Wolf Veiga H 1 15EAS-H1-19
  Instrumental insemination of queens – demonstration at Townsend House Krispn Given H 1 15EAS-H1-20
  National honey bee health survey in Canada: first year results Carlos Castillo I 1 15EAS-I1-11
  Buckfast bee program in Ontario Paul Kelly O 1 15EAS-O1-11
8/26/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Managing Bees For Winter Survival Joe Koveleski E 1 15MCBA-E1-6
9/19/2015 East COBA Seminar        
  Colony Density and its Affect on Bees Jennifer Berry B 1 15ECOBA-B1-1
  Let’s Be Better Beekeepers Jennifer Berry B 1` 15ECOBA-B2-1
  Coal Country Beeworks Tammy Horn I 1 15ECOBA-I1-1
  Bees and Women Through History Tammy Horn I 1 15ECOBA-I2-1
  Bees World-Wide Ed Karle O 1 15ECOBA-O1-1
  Biggest Royal Jelly Producers Ed Karle O 1 15ECOBA-O2-1
9/21/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Helping Our Bees Prepare for Winter Phil Craft E 1 15MCBA-E1-3
10/19/2015 Medina County Beekeepers Association        
  Lotions and Potions and Soap Dave Duncan and Ellen Harnish C 1 15MCBA-C1-1
10/23/2015 Summit County Beekeepers Association        
  Bee Biology and Management Randy Oliver B 1 15SCBA-B1-1
10/24/2015 The Four Pillars of Honey Bee Management        
  Honey Bee Nutrituion Randy Oliver B 2 15BC-B1-2
  Winter Where You Are Dr. Jim Tew E 1 15BC-E1-1
  Honey Production John Miller/ Andy Card C 1 15BC-C1-1
  Everything Varroa Dennis vanEngelsdorp A 2 15BCA1-2
10/28/2015 Tri County Beekeepers Association        
  “The Riddle of Nosema: is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Dr. Reed Johnson A 1 15TCBA-A1-1
10/31/2015 OSBA Fall Conference- Plain City, OH        
  “Following the Wild Bees- The Craft and Science of Bee Hunting Dr. Tom Seeley I 1 15OSBA-I1-1
  Using Nucs for increase Kent Williams E 1 15OSBA-E1-1
  Creating your Own Pesticide-Free Pollinator Habitat Michele Colopy F 1 15OSBA-F1-1
  “The Riddle of Nosema: is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Dr. Reed Johnson A 1 15OSBA-A1-1
  Capturing Swarms with Bait hives Dr. Tom Seeley B 1 15OSBA-B1-1
  Small Scale Queen Rearing Kent Williams H 1 15OSBA-H1-1
  “OSBA Apiary Diagnostic Kit- Easy Monitoring for Increased Sustainability Alex Zomchek A 1 15OSBA-A2-1
  The Basics of Business Legal Structures Christie Welch G 1 15OSBA-G1-1
  “Forest Bees and Varroa Mites—Lessons for Sustainable Beekeeping Dr. Tom Seeley B 1 15OSBA-B2-1
  Breaking your Chemical Dependency Kent Williams J 1 15OSBA-J1-1
  Selling Honey in the Local Food Focused Economy Christie Welch G 1 15OSBA-G2-1
  TBD Alex Zomchek   1