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Approved Classes 2014

The classes below have been approved for credit towards the Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master Beekeeping Program.   This list is not comprehensive and is subject to revision.


Approved Master Beekeeper Classes for 2014
  Date Location/Class Name Instructor  Class A-O Hours Code
  Date Location/ Class Name Instructor   Class A-O Class Hrs Class Code
  11/1/14 OSBA FALL CONFERENCE          
    Rearing Quality Queens Sue Cobey   H 1 14OSBAF-H1
    Nuc Colonies in the Sustainable Apiaries Michael Palmer    E  1 14OSBAF-E1
     Phenonolgy for Beekeepers Denise Ellsworth   I 1 14OSBAF-I1
     Marketing and Labeling for Beekeepers Lowell Lufkin   G 1 14OSBAF-G1
    The Benefits of Being Promiscuous Sue Cobey   H 1 14OSBAF-H2
    Comb Honey Production Michael Palmer   C 1 14OSBAF-C1
    Gardening for Pollinators Denise Ellsworth   F 1 14OSBAF-F1
     Honey Bee Toxicology Reed Johnson   I 1 14OSBAF-I2
    Honeybee Germplasm Importation/Cryopreservation Sue Cobey   H 1 14OSBAF-H3
    Wintering Bees in the North Michael Palmer   E 1 14OSBAF-E2
    Practical Disease Recognition and Control Dr. Jim Tew and John Grafton   A 1 14OSBAF-A1
     Pollinator Stewardship Council Michele Colopy   O 1 14OSBAF-O1
     Bee Culture Conference Center          
  10/25/2014 The Russians Are Coming Various   H 4 14BC-B
  Date  Location/ Class Name Instructor   Class A-O Hours Code
  9/15/14 Medina Beekeepers Meeting          
    Identifying Pollen in Honey Dr. Bryant   F 1 14VBM-F
  8/7/2011  Akron: Go Native, Bee Friendly Symposium Mitchell, Wolfe, etal   D 4.0 14OSUE-D
  Date  Location/Class Name Instructor   Class A-O Hours Code
  6/28/14  NWOBA Field Day M. Disselkoen   H 4.0 14NWOBA-H
    EAS Conference          
  7/28/2014 Bee Biology for New Beekeepers Jeff Harris   B 1 14EAS-B1
       “ Advanced Honey Bee Biology Wyatt Magnum   B 1 14EAS-B2
       “ Bee Anatomy Marty Matisoff   B 1 14EAS-B3
       “ Overview: Life History of Drones & Queens Jennifer Berry   H 1 14EAS-H1
       “ Why Raise Your Own Queens & How to Start Jennifer Berry   H 1 14EAS-H2
       “ Timing is Everything Raising Superior Queens Jennifer Berry   H 1 14EAS-H3
       “ Setting Up Starters & Finisher Colonies Jennifer Berry   H 1 14EAS-H4
       “ Hive Evaluations for Selecting Breeders & Record Keeping Jennifer Berry   H 1 14EAS-H5
       “ Smoker Basics     O 1 14EAS-O1
       “ Honey Show Palmer   K 1 14EAS-K1
       “ Seasonal Hive Management Ernesto GuzmanE   E 1 14EAS-E1
       “ Honey Bee Pheromones Maryann Frazier   B 1 14EAS-B4
       “ Mite Anatomy Diana Sammataro   A 1 14EAS-A1
       “ Managing Top Bar Hives Christy Hemenway   E 1 14EAS-E2
       “ Common Honey Bee Diseases Tom Webster   A 1 14EAS-A2
       “ Pesticides Management Doug McRory   J 1 14EAS-J1
       “ Basic Microscopy for Beginners Don Coats   I 1 14EAS-I1
       “ Making Nucs & Increase Wyatt Magnum   E 1 14EAS-E3
       “ Honey Bee Nutrition Diana Sammataro   B 1 14EAS-B5
       “ Managing Bees for Honey Production Ed Holcombe   E 1 14EAS-E3
       “ Pollen Identification Don Coats   F 1 14EAS-F1
       “ Organic Beekeeping Sean Clark   G 1 14EAS-G1
       “ Common Honey Bee Pests & Parasites Ernesto Guzman   A 1 14EAS-A2
       “ Honey Bee Queen Biology Jeff Harris   B 1 14EAS-B6
       “ Nosema Tom Webber   A 1 14EAS-A3
       “ Forklift Demos Stephanie Tarwater   O 1 14EAS-O2
       “ Latest Developments in RNA Interference Technology S.R. Palli   I 2 14EAS-I2
  7/29/2014 Small Hive Beetle Sean Burgess   A 1 14EAS-A4
       “ Beekeeping in Town & Urban Areas Tom Webster   E 1 14EAS-E4
       “ Varroa Mite Controls Ernesto Guzman   A 1 14EAS-A5
       “ Honey Bee Anatomy & Necropsy-Advanced Don Coats   B 1 14EAS-B7
       “ Learn How to Graft Hands On Grafting     H 1 14EAS-H6
       “ What Do Your Hives Tell You? Basic Hive Inspection Maryann Frazier   E 1 14EAS-E5
       “ From Hobby to Commercial Beekeeping Doug McRory   G 1 14EAS-G2
       “ Common Queen Problems Jeff Harris   H 1 14EAS-H7
       “ Resistance Queens Jeff Harris   H 1 14EAS-H8
       “ Setting Up Mating Nuc Colonies & Marking Queens     H 1 14EAS-H9
       “ Overwintering Ernesto Guzman   E 1 14EAS-E6
       “ Marketing Honey Doug McRory   G 1 14EAS-G3
       “ Tracheal Mites Ed Holcombe   A 1 14EAS-A6
       “ Drones     H 1 14EAS-H10
       “ Non-Grafting Techniques     H 1 14EAS-H11
  Date Location/Class Instructor Class A-O Hours Code
   7/26/14  GCBA Queen Grafting Class  T. Arheit  H  4.0  14TAGCBA-H
    HAS @ Southern Illinois University   Carbondale, Il      
    1st Year: buying, installing, overwintering Tony Prettyman E 1 14HAS-E1
       “ Second Year: They survived; now what? Tony Prettyman E 1 14HAS-E2
       “ Small Scale Pollination Tony Prettyman D 1 14HAS-D1
       “ Identifying Disease & Treating Kent Williams A 1 14HAS-A1
       “ Hive Pests David Burns A 1 14HAS-A2
       “ Bee Informed Partnership Survey Mike Wilson I 1 14HAS-I1
       “ Beekeeping Calendar Kent Williams E 1 14HAS-E3
       “ Business Plans/Basics Stu Jacobson G 1 14HAS-G1
       “ Extracting & Bottling Honey Harris Overholt O 1 14HAS-O1
       “ Races/Stocks: Do they live up to claims Stu Jacobson H 1 14HAS-H1
       “ Making Mead John Pace C 1 14HAS-C1
       “ The Welsh Honey Show Cindy Hodges K 1 14HAS-K1
       “ Splits & Nucs Dwight Wells E 1 14HAS-E4
       “ Bee Gardens Lesley Deem F 1 14HAS-F1
       “ Native Bees Lesley Deem D 1 14HAS-D2
       “ Nosema Diagnosis & Dissection Zach Huang A 1 14HAS-A3
       “ Pesticide Dust in Corn Fields in Ohio Reed Johnson I 1 14HAS-I2
       “ Broodmapper-Citizen Science Reed Johnson O 1 14HAS-O2
       “ Fungicides & Queen Rearing in California Reed Johnson H 1 14HAS-H2
       “ Foraging Resources & Nutrition Joe Kovaleski F 1 14HAS-F2
       “ Pollen- From Plants to Collection Harris Overholt F 1 14HAS-F3
       “ Transgenic Plants Zach Huang I 1 14HAS-I3
       “ Cooking with Honey Queens/Princesses C 1 14HAS-C2
       “ Creating Menus of Pollinated Foods Queens/Princesses C 1 14HAS-C3
       “ Varroa IPM Cindy Hodges J 1 14HAS-J1
       “ Web Marketing David Burns G 1 14HAS-G2
       “ Diversified Beekeeping Business Paul & Betty Stone E 1 14HAS-E5
       “ Managing for Honey Production Duane Rekeweg E 1 14HAS-E6
       “ Migratory/Large Scale Pollination Dave Shenefield D 1 14HAS-D3
       “ Beginner Inspection IL Inspector O 1 14HAS-O3
       “ Microscopic Look at Bees Jennifer Tsuruda I 1 14HAS-I4
       “ Small Hive Beetle Biology & Control Jennifer Tsuruda A 1 14HAS-A4
       “ Intermediate Inspection IL Inspector O 1 14HAS-O4
       “ Overview Queen Rearing Methods/Bee Genetics Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H3
       “ Drones & Mating Biology Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H4
       “ Setting Up the Starter Colony Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H5
    Asian Honey Bees Zach Huang I 1 14HAS-I5
       “ Queens & Reproductive Biology Juliana Rangel-Posada B 1 14HAS-B1
       “ Identifying Disease & Treating Kent Williams A 1 14HAS-A5
       “ Value-added Services/Products Larry Connor C 1 14HAS-C4
       “ My Queen Died: What Do I Do Now? Kent Williams E 1 14HAS-E7
       “ Having a Web Presence Barry Richards G 1 14HAS-G3
       “ Honey House Construction Charlie Parton I 1 14HAS-I6
       “ Starting a Junior Beekeeping Program Cindy Hodges I 1 14HAS-I7
       “ Preventing Swarms Larry Connor E 1 14HAS-E8
       “ Catching & Hiving Swarms Winn Harless O 1 14HAS-O5
       “ House Extractions Arvin Pierce O 1 14HAS-O6
       “ Survival Colony Panel   E 1 14HAS-E9
       “ Pollen Collection & Biology Harris Overholt F 1 14HAS-F3
       “ Colony Wellness /Simple Sampling Techniques Larry Connor I 1 14HAS-I8
       “ Non-Grafting Queen Rearing Juliana Rangel-Posada H 1 14HAS-H6
       “ History of Africanization Juliana Rangel-Posada I 1 14HAS-I9
       “ Youth Outreach Queens/Priincesses I 1 14HAS-I10
       “ Lotions, Balms, Hive Products Annie Broyles C 1 14HAS-C5
       “ Bee Behavior in the Apiary Zach Huang O 1 14HAS-O7
       “ Selecting Traits for Quality Queens & Colonies Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H7
       “ Selecting Larvae for Grafting Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H8
       “ Grafting Session Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H9
    Heartland Honey Bee Cooperative Dwight Wells H 1 14HAS-H10
       “ Behavioral Resistance to Mites Jennifer Tsuruda I 1 14HAS-I11
       “ The Bees of Brazil Eleanor Balson I 1 14HAS-I12
       “ Natural Beekeeping Arvin Pierce E 1 14HAS-E10
       “ The Bee Gut & Good Bacteria Jennifer Tsuruda B 1 14HAS-B2
       “ Producing Comb Honey Duane Rekeweg C 1 14HAS-C6
       “ Selling High Volume Honey Duane Rekeweg G 1 14HAS-G4
       “ Bee Communication-Pheromones Zach Huang B 1 14HAS-B3
       “ Honey/Wax Shows- Cindy Hodges K 1 14HAS-K2
       “ Banking Drones & Queens Queen Rearing Team H 1 14HAS-H11
    Field Day with Mel Disselkoen- NWOBA          
  6/28/2014 Requeening, Building Strong overwintered Splits & Nucs Mel Disselkoen   H 4 14MD-H
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code
  6/30/2014 Bee Health Management – Diagnostics Various A 2  
  7/1/2014 Bee Health Johnson/Tew/Bloetscher B 1 14OARDC-B  
  7/1/2014 Bee Health Zomchek/Richardson J 1 14OARDC-J  
    Medina Beekeepers Meeting          
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  6/16/2014 Medina Beekeeper Meeting- Raising Queens Jennifer Berry H 1 14JBM-H  
    A I ROOT CENTER Medina          
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  6/13/2015 Queen Rearing Workshop Jennifer Berry H 4 14JBAIR-H  
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  6/7/2014 Monsanto’s Commitment to Honey Bee Health Jerry Hayes A 1 14OSBA-A1  
    Varroa & Viruses Jerry Hayes A 1 14OSBA-A2  
    Nosema Jerry Hayes A 1 14OSBA-A3  
    The Superorganism and Why It Matters Keith Delaplane B 1 14OSBA-B1  
    Benefits of Polyandrous Queens Keith Delaplane H 1 14OSBA-H1  
    IPM Denise Ellsworth J 1 14OSBA-J1  
    Bee Identification Denise Ellsworth B 1 14OSBA-B2  
    Benefits of Hive Products: Propolis & Wax Jeannie Saum C 1 14OSBA-C1  
    Creating Value Added Products of the Hive Jeannie Saum C 1 14OSBA-C2  
    Identifying Pollen Sources in Central Ohio Chia-Hua Lin F 1 14OSBA-F1  
    Restoring Harmony in the Hive Joe Kovaleski E 1 14OSBA-E1  
    The Buzz About Buckeye Queen Producers Coop Joe Kovaleski H 1 14OSBA-H2  
    LL Langstroth and Oxford Alex Zomchek I 1 14OSBA-I1  
    Microscopy Lab Zachary Huang B 2 14OSBA-B3  
    Pollinator Friendly Spaces- Master Gardeners- Xenia OH            
  6/5/2014 Practical Ways to Conserve, Attract & Protect Pollinators Denise Ellsworth   D 4 14OSU-D  
    OSU Extension          
  5/21/2014 Native Bee House Workshop A. Kulhanek/ D. Wolfe D 1 14OSUE-D  
    Medina Beekeepers Association            
  5/19/2014 Control and Prevention of Swarming Dave Heilman   E 1 14DHM-E  
    Greater Cleveland Beekeepers Meeting          
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  5/14/2014 Honey Bee Nutrition James Tew B 1 14TEW-B  
    Spikenard Farms          
  Date Class Name instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  4/25-26/14 Principles & Methods of Biodynamic Beekeeping Spikenard Farms E 4 14SPF-E  
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Hours Code  
  6/5/2014 Pollinator-Friendly Spaces: Practical Ways to Conserve, Attract And Protect Pollinators Denise Ellsworth D 4,0 14OSU-D  
    SWOBA Beekeeper School – Loveland            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Hours Code  
  3/22/2014 Beekeeping 101 Alex Zomchek I 1 14SWO-I1  
  Beekeeping 102 Alex Zomchek I 1 14SWO-I2  
  Managing Small Hive Beetle Barb Bloetscher A 1 14SWO-A1  
  The Honey Bee’s Harsh Natural World Dr. Jim Tew I 1 14SWO-I3  
  Producing & Marketing Varietal & Artesian Honey Kim Flottum G 1 14SWO-G1  
  Identifying & Solving Common Queen Problems Phil Craft H 1 14SWO-H1  
  Creating Bee Habitat Using Native Ohio Plants Denise Ellsworth F 1 14SWO-F1  
  A Touch of Honey – Gourmet Cooking Chef Todd Kelly C 1 14SWO-C1  
  Seasonal Management Part 1 Mark Egloff E 1 14SWO-E1  
  Seasonal Management Part 2 Mark Egloff E 1 14SWO-E2  
  Re-Queening Hives & Installing Queens Phil Craft H 1 14SWO-H2  
  The Evolution of the Bee’s Ecosystem Dr. Jim Tew I 1 14SWO-I3  
  Varroa Mite Management Barb Bloetscher A 1 14SWO-A2  
  Honey Bee Nutrition Kim Flottum B 1 14SWO-B1  
  Protecting Bees from Pesticides: Denise Ellsworth I 1 14SWO-I4  
  Installing Packages of Bees Kevin Cress E 1 14SWO-E3  
    GCBA Meeting            
  3/18/2014 Winter Losses–What Killed Them Bill Starrett   E 1 14BSG-E  
    Bluegrass Beekeeping School – Frankfort Kentucky @ Ksu            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name ClassA-O Class Hours Class Code  
  3/8/2014 Bee Trees & Swarms Dr. Debbie Delaney O 1 14BKY-O1  
  Honey Marketing Dr. Debbie Delaney G 1 14BKY-G1  
  EAS Master Beekeeper Exam Preparation Kent Williams O 1 14BKY-O2  
  Basic Honey Bee Biology – Beginner Part 1   B 1 14BKY-B1  
  Getting Started in Beekeeping – Beginner Part 2   E 1 14BKY-E1  
  What is Going On in the Hive? – Beginner Part 3   E 1 14BKY-E2  
  Putting It All Together – Beginner Part 4   E 1 14BKY-E3  
  Problems in the Hive Dr. Tom Webster E 1 14BKY-E4  
  Hive Diagnostics Without Cracking the Top Hive Cover Katherine Whitte E 1 14BKY-E5  
  Requeening Nick Nickels E 1 14BKY-E6  
  Spring Management for Honey Production Harris Overholt E 1 14BKY-E7  
  Small Hive Beetle   A 1 14BKY-A1  
  Non Grafting Queen Rearing   H 1 14BKY-H1  
  Competing in Honey Shows   K 1 14BKY-K1  
  Pollen Trapping and Processing   C 1 14BKY-C1  
  Nosema   A 1 14BKY-A2  
  Urban Beekeeping   E 1 14BKY-E8  
  Collecting Swarms & Establishing Hives   E 1 14BKY-E9  
  Creamed Honey   C 1 14BKY-C2  
  Cultivating Flavor: Cooking With Honey Chef Jim Whaley C 1 14BKY-C3  
  Native Plants & Bees   F 1 14BKY-F1  
  Honey Marketing   G 1 14BKY-G1  
    Michigan Beekeepers Association Spring Conference – MSU            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class Hours Class Code  
  3-7, 8-14 Beginners Track Woods/ Risk E 1 14BGK-E1  
  Alternative Hives TBD E 1 14BGK-E2  
  Chemical Free Beekeeping Don Schram E 1 14BGK-E3  
  Mead Making for Beginners TBD C 1 14BGK-C1  
  Native Pollinators Walt Pett/MSU Staff D 1 14BGK-D1  
  Beekeepers Workshop: 3D Printing & Beekeeping Steve Tilmann I 1 14BGK-I1  
  What’s New With Pesticides Mike Hanson I 1 14BGK-I2  
  What I Wish I Knew Before I Started Charlotte Hubbard O 1 14BGK-O1  
  Bee Hive Woodware Building Bob Hollis E 1 14BGK-E4  
  What NOT To Do in the Bee Yard Cindy Dudock O 1 14BGK-O2  
  Beekeeper PR Joan Mandell O 1 14BGK-O3  
  Lotions & Creams Sheldon Switek C 1 14BGK-C2  
  Cooking With Honey Angie Foster C 1 14BGK-C3  
  Honey Bee Biology-Advanced Jim Withers B 1 14BGK-B1  
  Apitherapy & Bee Stings Kristine Jacobson C 1 14BGK-C4  
  Pollinator Stewardship Council Michele Colopy D 1 14BGK-D2  
  Honey Judging Norm Adams K 1 14BGK-K1  
  Cottage Foods Act MBA G 1 14BGK-G1  
  MSU Research MSU Students I 1 14BGK-I3  
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class Hours Class Code  
  3/1/2014 What You Need to Know to Get Started/Eqmt Assembly Larry Stone E 1 14ABK-E1  
  Swarm Control Kent Williams E 1 14ABK-E2  
  Small Hive Beetle Dr. Tracy Conklin A 1 14ABK-A1  
  Cooking With Honey Amanda Hardy C 1 14ABK-C1  
  Pests & Diseases Dr. Tracy Conklin A 1 14 ABK-A2  
  Grafting Queens Sean Burgess H 1 14ABK-H1  
  Splits/Installation of Bees Del Brock E 1 14ABK-E3  
  Backyard Beekeeping Brian Stiff E 1 14ABK-E4  
  Other Ways of Raising Queens Jim Hazelrigg H 1 14ABK-H2  
  Nectar & Pollen Sources Jan Powell F 1 14ABK-F1  
  Candle Making Elyon Davis C 1 14ABK-C2  
  First Year Management L.V. Dugger E 1 14ABK-E5  
  Chemical Residue in the Hive John Benham G 1 14ABK-G1  
  Woodworking for Bees Joe Taylor E 1 14ABK-E6  
  Soaps & Lotions Debbie Lowrance C 1 14ABK-C3  
    Tri County Bee School            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Hours Class Code  
  2/28/2014 Evolution of Beekeeping Dr. Jim Tew I 1 14TCW-I1  
  3/1/2014 Beekeeping: Past Present Future David Burns I 1 14TCW-I2  
  Mechanics of Queen Rearing Dan O’Hanlon H 1 14TCW-H1  
  Small Hive Beetle Dr. Alex Zomchek A 1 14TCW-A1  
  Commercial Pollination Dave Duncan D 1 14TCW-D1  
  Electron Beam Sanitation Jeff Pohl A 1 14TCW-A2  
  Cooking with Honey Sherry Ferrell C 1 14TCW-C1  
  Basic Beekeeping COBA E 1 14TCW-E1  
  Practical Queen Rearing Gabe Blatt H 1 14TCW-H2  
  A Chemical & Bee Interaction (Corn Seed Treatment) Dr. Reed Johnson I 1 14TCW-I3  
  Urban Beekeeping Alex Zomchek O 1 14TCW-O2  
  Bee Plants Dr. Karen Goodell F 1 14TCW-F1  
  Mead Making Humble Bee C 1 14TCW-C2  
  Queen Rearing Joe Kovaleski H 1 14TCW-H3  
  Foulbrood Dr. Heather Prior A 1 14TCW-A3  
  Propolis & Royal Jelly David Burns C 1 14TCW-C3  
  Top Bar Hive Tom Phillips E 1 14TCW-E2  
  Soap Making Dave Duncan C 1 14TCW-C4  
  Date Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Class  
  Hours Code  
  2/22/2014 BIP data & CCD Update Jerry Hayes I 1 14ISB-I1  
  Honey Bee Nutrition Dr Joe Latshaw B 1 14ISB-B1  
  Beginning Beekeeping Part 1 Jim Hoffman E 1 14ISB-E1  
  Beginning Beekeeping Part 2 Jim Hoffman E 1 14ISB-E2  
  Honey Bee Cut-Out Removals Andy Lohrman O 1 14ISB-O1  
  Top Bar HivesTim Caldwell E 1 14ISB-E3  
  Monsanto’s Commitment to Honey Bee Health Jerry Hayes I 1 14ISB-I2  
  Queen Rearing Dr. Joe Latshaw H 1 14ISB-H1  
  Brewing With Honey Anita Johnson C 1 14ISB-C1  
  Honey in the Kitchen Karen Lacky C 1 14ISB-C2  
  Nosema Jerry Hayes A 1 14ISB-A1  
  Spring Management Part 1 Dave Shenefield E 1 14ISB-E4  
  Spring Management Part 2 Dave Shenefield E 1 14ISB-E5  
  Wildlife Rehabilitation Kathy Hershey I 1 14ISB-I2  
  Sustainable Beekeeping Jerry Hayes I 1 14ISB-I3  
  Honey Bee Diseases Kathleen Prough A 1 14ISB-A2  
  2/22/2014 BIP data & CCD Update Jerry Hayes I 1 14ISB-I1  
  Honey Bee Nutrition Dr Joe Latshaw B 1 14ISB-B1  
  Beginning Beekeeping Part 1 Jim Hoffman E 1 14ISB-E1  
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class Hours Class Code  
  2/22/2014 Installing Bee Packages & Nucs   E 1 14NEK-E1  
  1st Year Hive Management   E 1 14NEK-E2  
  Sustainable Beekeeping   I 1 14NEK-I1  
  Beekeeping Liabilities   O 1 14NEK-O1  
  Building a Diversified Beekeeping Business   O 1 14NEK-O2  
  Making Lotions, Scrubs, Candles & More   C 1 14NEK-C1  
    2014 Western PA Beekeeping Seminar            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class Hours Class Code  
  2 14 14 Future Trends in Beekeeping Randy Oliver/Mike Palmer I 1 14WPBS-I1  
  2 15 14 Managing Bees In Vermont Mike Palmer E 1 14WPBS-E2  
  What’s Happening to the Bees? Randy Oliver I 1 14WPBS-I2  
  Winter Colony Loss Randy Oliver E 1 14WPBS-E3  
  Winterizing Bees Mike Palmer E 1 14WPBS-E4  
  Cooking With Honey Alyssa Fine C 1 14WPBS-C1  
  Beekeeping Equipment Bill Kopar E 1 14WPBS-E5  
  Controlling Mites & Other Maladies Randy Oliver A 1 14WPBS-A2  
  Raising Northern Queens Mike Palmer H 1 14WPBS-H1  
  Ideas in Overwintering Bees Craig Cella E 1 14WPBS-E6  
  Getting Started in Beekeeping Barry Leicher E 1 14WPBS-E7  
  Healthy Bees Randy Oliver B 1 14WPBS-B1  
  Integrated Pest Management: Pollinator Friendly Gardens Doug Oster J 1 14WPBS-J1  
  Extracting Honey Jim Hoffman C 1 14WPBS-C2  
  First & Second Year Management Lee Miller E 1 14WPBS-E8  
    Southeastern Kentucky Bee School at Stearns            
  Date Class Instructor Class A-K Class Class  
  Name Name or Other Hours Code  
  2/8/2014 Heat Stress & Allergic Reactions Bob Blevins O 1 14SEK-O1  
  Beginning Beekeeping I TBD E 1 14SEK-E1  
  Beginning Beekeeping II TBD E 1 14SEK-E2  
  Beginning Beekeeping III TBD E 1 14SEK-E3  
  Beginning Beekeeping IV TBD E 1 14SEK-E4  
  Planting a Bee Garden Beth Wilson F 1 14SEK-F1  
  Making Splits Barnett/ Chadwell E 1 14SEK-E5  
  Natural Beekeeping Kent Williams J 1 14SEK-J1  
  Queen Rearing Basics Sean Burgess H 1 14SEK-H1  
  Swarm Management Tammy Horn E 1 14SEK-E6  
  Forage Crops for Bees Ric Bessin F 1 14SEK-F2  
  Candle Making TBD C 1 14SEK-C1  
  Controlling Insects in the Hive Ray McDonnell A 1 14SEK-A1  
  Beginning Beekeeping for Spanish Speaking Laura Rogers E 1 14SEK-E7  
  Hive Diagnosis Katherine White A 1 14SEK-A2  
  Processing Your Own Bees Wax Ric Bessin C 1 14SEK-C2  
  Women in Beekeeping Tammy Horn O 1 14SEK-O2  
  Spring Management Hendricks/ Jackson E 1 14SEK-E8  
  Veil Making Williams/ Hintzman O 1 14SEK-O3  
  Races of Bees Ray McDonnell B 1 14SEK-B1  
  Products from the Hive Kevin Hendrix C 1 14SEK-C3  
  Involving Kids in Beekeeping Katherine White O 1 14SEK-O4  
  Re-Queening & Queen Issues Randy Ison H 1 14SEK-H2  
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class Class Code  
  2/1/2014 Bee Biology (Basic Beekeeping)   B 1 14SCK-B1  
  Equipment Assembly Basics   E 1 14SCK-E1  
  Bee Package Installation   E 1 14SCK-E2  
  Honey Harvesting   C 1 14SCK-C1  
  Recognizing Pests and Diseases and Available Treatments   A 1 14SCK-A1  
  Swarming-Causes & Cures   E 1 14SCK-E3  
  Making Comb Honey   E 1 14SCK-E4  
  Supplemental Feeding   E 1 14SCK-E5  
  Basic Queen Rearing   H 1 14SCK-H1  
  Planting Flora for Honeybees   F 1 14SCK-F1  
  Marketing Your Honey   G 1 14SCK-G1  
  Alternative Hive Products   C 1 14SCK-C2  
  Natural Beekeeping   E 1 14SCK-E6  
    Honey Bee EXPO, Mid-Ohio Valley B/K Association            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name ClassA-O Class Class Code  
  1 17 14 Basic Beekeeping I MOVBA Members E 1 14HBX-E1  
  Candle Making Charles & Maxine Walter C 1 14HBX-C1  
  The Snelgrove Board Method Jason Bach E 1 14HBX-E2  
  Quality Queens Adam Finklestein/ Kelly Rausch H 1 14HBX-H1  
  Hot Headed Hives Paul Poling E 1 14HBX-E3  
  Managing a Healthy Hive Inside & Out Joyce Frye E 1 14HBX-E4  
  Basic Beekeeping II MOVBA Members E 1 14HBX-E5  
  Mite Treatments Sam Hammett A 1 14HBX-A1  
  Restoring Harmony Joe Kovaleski E 1 14HBX-E6  
  Spring into Spring David Rectenwald E 1 14HBX-E7  
  Lots of “This & That” Mini Topics Wade Stilter E 1 14HBX-E8  
  Basic Beekeeping III MOVBA Members E 1 14HBX-E9  
  Creamed Honey Charles & Maxine Walter C 1 14HBX-C2  
  Bee Breeding Finklestein/Kelly B 1 14HBX-B1  
  The Art & Importance of Pollination J.J. Barrett D 1 14HBX-D1  
  What’s Next in Beekeeping? David Rectenwald I 1 14HBX-I1  
    Hands On Building MOVBA members E 1 14HBX-11  
    Cooking With Honey MOVBA members C 1 14HBX-C3  
    Diseases of the Honeybee Paul Poling A 1 14HBX-A2  
    North American Beekeeping Conference (ABF)            
  Date Class Name Instructor Name Class A-O Class    
  1/10/2014 Year Calendar for a Beginning Beekeeper Debbie Seib E 1 14ABF-E5  
  Bee Biology   B 1 14ABF-B1  
  Beekeeping Challenges-Pests, Parasites, & Diseases John Talbert A 1 14ABF-A1  
  Nutrition Diane Sammataro Other 1 14ABF-O1  
  Factors Affecting Colony Mortality D. VanEngelsdor E 1 14ABF-E1  
  Queens & Nucs   H 1 14ABF-H1  
  Overwintering   E 1 14ABF-E2  
  Nutrition Dave Mendes Other 1 14ABF-O2  
  Treatments   G 1 14ABF-G1  
  Almond Pollination   D 1 14ABF-D1  
  Research Review Baton Rouge USDA-ARS Lab   A 1 14ABF-A2  
  Research Update Beltsville USDA-ARS Lab   A 1 14ABF-A3  
  Research Update Tucson Lab   A 1 14ABF-A4  
  Research with Practical Applications   A 1 14ABF-A5  
  1/11/2014 Candle Making Ginger Reuter C 1 14ABF-C1  
  Honeybee Plants Jim Bobb F 1 14ABF-F1  
  How to Make Splits & Expand from a Small Scale Blake Shook E 1 14ABF-E3  
  to a Sideline Operation          
  Diagnosis & Discovery in Microscopy for the Beekeeper Don Coats A 1 14ABF-A6  
  Beeswax & Honey: Natural Products to Benefit YourSkin Becky/Steve Tipton C 1 14ABF-C2  
  Natural & Sustainable Beekeeping Sabath/ Wilson G 1 14ABF-G2  
  Getting Younger Beekeepers Involved Debbie Seib Other 1 14ABF-O3  
  Different Ways of Requeening George Hanson E 1 14ABF-E4  
  So You Want to Graft a Queen Cell Joan Gunter H 1 14ABF-H2  
  Sustainable Practices for Beekeeping Dr. Larry Connor G 1 14ABF-G3  
  Marketing for the Serious Sideliner Tim Tucker C 1 14ABF-C3  
  Requeening (Commercial) George Hanson E 1 14ABF-E5  
  Mentoring Chappie McChesney Other 1 14ABF-O4  
  Profit Driven Beekeeping Dr. Larry Connor Other 1 14ABF-O5  
  Alternate Hives for Alternate Minds: Top Bar, Warre, and Beeyond Sam Comfort E 1 14ABF-E6