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2019 Approved Master Beekeeper Classes

ABF Conference 2019

Location -American Bee Federation 2019 Conference        
Class Name Instructor

Class A-O

Minutes Code
Restoring Bee Health:  Molecules to Landscapes Marla Spivak B 50 19ABF-B1
Varroa Destructor Feeds on Bee Blood and Two Other Alternative Facts  Samuel Ramsey I 45 19ABF- I1
Interactions Between Insecticides & Fungicides Applied to Almonds During Bloom Dr. R. Johnson I 55 19ABF- I2
10 Best Practices in Modern Beekeeping  Lance Wilson E 60 19ABF- E1
How to Make Creamed Honey  K. Sanderson C 90 19ABF- C1
Passing It On: Educating Children about Honey Bees  Kim Lehman O 90 19ABF- O1
 Engaging Local Communities to Pollinator Outreach and Awareness Ana Heck O 90 19ABF- O2
Skin Care with Beeswax and Honey   The Tiptons C 90 19ABF- C2
Growing into a Commercial Beekeeper Business  Blake Shook G 150 19ABF- G1
Candle Making   Ginger Reuter 90 19ABF- C3
Commercial Beekeeping in the Digital Age    G 90 19ABF- G2
Bees as Seeds Melanie Kirby I 90 19ABF- I3
Honey Bee Morphology and Anatomy  Yong Park B 90 19ABF- B2
Medical Issues in the Apiary: How to Prevent, Recognize and Address  Dr. M. Misko O 90 19ABF- O3
Encaustic Painting  George Hansen O 90 19ABF- O4
How to Get More Young People Involved  Mike Klem O 90 19ABF- O5
Varroa Mites  Gary Reuter A 90 19ABF- A1
Improved Overwinter Survival with Reduced Nest Cavity Size  Dr. D. Vinson E 90 19ABF- E2

Mid-Ohio Valley Expo 2019

Location -Honey Bee Expo West Virginia 2019        
Class Name Instructor Class A-O Minutes Code
Are Bees Under Attack? Wade Stiltner A 50 19MOV-A1
Progress Towards Selecting for Behavioral Resistance to Varroa Destructor Krispn Given A 50 19MOV-A2
Controlling Mites without Chemicals, New vs Old Methods David Allen A 50 19MOV-A3
Honey Bee Diseases Greg Brannon A 50 19MOV-A4
What is a Honey Bee Subspecies Anyway Dr. Brock Harpur B 50 19MOV-B1
Hive Nutrition Andrew Wagner B 50 19MOV-B2
Queen and Drone Reproductive Biology Krispn Given B 50 19MOV-B3
The Honey Bee Colony as a Super Organism Steve Roth B 50 19MOV-B4
Hive Nutrition Andrew Wagner B 50 19MOV-B5
Honey and Pollen – Health Benefits and Value Added Products Jeannie Saum C 50 19MOV-C1
Collection and Uses of Bee Venom, Royal Jelly and Beeswax Jeannie Saum C 50 19MOV-C2
Establishing and Managing Habitats for Native Pollinators J.J. Barrett D 50 19MOV-D1
What are your Frames Telling You? David Allen E 50 19MOV-E1
First Year Bees Wade Stiltner E 50 19MOV-E2
September and October Pollen and Nectar Sources Laird Rubble F 50 19MOV-F1
Bees, Trees and Me Barrett/ Fontaine F 50 19MOV-F2 
Queen Producers   H 50 19MOV-H1
Using Queen Cells to Your Advantage Teresa Wagoner H 50 19MOV-H2
Raising Queens is as Easy as A, B, C – using the Nicot System Kenny Bach H 50 19MOV-H3
Mead, drink of the gods; an Introduction Charles Walter O 50 19MOV-O1

Indiana Bee School 2019

Indiana Bee School Class Name Instructor Category Minutes Code
Varroa Mites: What are They and How to Treat   Kathleen Prough A 60 19IBS-A1
AFB and EFB, Re-emerging in Our Bees   Jeff Pettis  A 60 19IBS-A2
Biology of the Honeybee        Jerry Zimmerman B 60 19IBS-B1
Basics of Making Creamed Honey    Ron Myers  C 60 19IBS-C1
Making Mead        Brett Canaday C 60 19IBS-C2
Basics of Making Creamed Honey    Ron Myers  C 60 19IBS-C3
Selling Honey in Indiana      William Houchin 60 19IBS-C4
How a Swarm Chooses and Moves to Its New Home   Tom Seeley E 60 19IBS-E1
Spring Management        Chuck Dailey  E 60 19IBS-E2
 Hive Inspection       Mark Partridge  E 60 19IBS-E3
Making Nucs       Tony Rekeweg E 60 19IBS-E4
Protein in the Bee Diet        Jim Berndt  E 60 19IBS-E5
Planting for Honeybees Plus       Roy Ballard  F 60 19IBS-F1
Queen Rearing        Dave Shenefield  H 60 19IBS-H1
 Why Queens are Failing      Jeff Pettis  H 60 19IBS-H2
Queen Rearing       Dave Shenefield  H 60 19IBS-H3
The Bee Hive as an Information Center    Tom Seeley  O 60 19IBS-01
Before and After the Sting     Jim Berndt  O 60 19IBS-02

Tri-County Beginner Bee School Workshop 2019

Tri-County Class Name Instructor Category Minutes Code
Tropilaelaps Dr. Sam Ramsey A 60 19TCW-A1
Varroa Destructor Dr. Sam Ramsey A 60 19TCW-A2
Cooking With Honey Paul Suttle C 60 19TCW-C1
Mead Making J. Geisinger C 60 19TCW-C2
Ohio Native Bees Denise Ellsworth D 60 19TCW-D1
Honeybee Nutrition Kim Flottum  E 60 19TCW-E1
Nucs For Beginners and Intermediate Beekeepers Kim Flottum  E 60 19TCW-E2
Common Sense Natural Beekeeping Kim Flottum  E 60 19TCW-E3
Managing Bees In A Top Bar Hive Christy Hemenway E 60 19TCW-E4
Planting Pollinator Habitat Tammy Potter F 60 19TCW-F1
USDA Sampling & Results   Tammy Potter O 60 19TCW-O1
Using Technology In Bee Research Dr. Reed Johnson O 60 19TCW-O2
Ohio Apiary Inspection Process Barbara Bloetscher O 60 19TCW-O3

Michigan Bee School 2019

Michigan Bee School Class Name Instructor Class A-O Minutes Code
A Year In the Apiary G. Willis O 60 19MBS-O9
AFB M. Milbrath A 60 19MBS-A4
Alternative Hives K. Steller O 60 19MBS-O8
Bee Biology A. Ingrao B 60 19MBS-B4
Branding S. Schwitek O 60 19MBS-O7
Calculated Beekeeping A. Heck O 60 19MBS-O10
Colony Autopsy A. Heck O 60 19MBS-O6
Colony Communication A. Heck O 60 19MBS-O3
Comb Honey N. Adams C 60 19MBS-C3
Community Engagement R. Schumacher O 60 19MBS-O1
Diseases D. Lam A 60 19MBS-A3
Feeding Bees J. Hesselschwertd E 60 19MBS-E1
Frame Reading A. Connor E 60 19MBS-E3
Free Bees D. Pearce E 60 19MBS-E2
Hive Products J. Wang C 60 19MBS-C5
Honey Extraction A. Ingrao C 60 19MBS-C1
Honey House Regs K. Sokol O 60 19MBS-O2
Honey Study Results F. Ozturk C 60 19MBS-C2
Honey- What is it? J. Dohner 60 19MBS-C6
Management Tips M. RIsk E 60 19MBS-E8
Manuka Honey S. Tillman C 60 19MBS-C4
Northern Medley J. Latnz O 60 19MBS-O5
Nucs M. Risk E 60 19MBS-E4
Obersvation Hives R. Wieske E 60 19MBS-E6
On the Spot Queen Rearing M. Disselkoen H 60 19MBS-H1
Orientation Flights C. Hubbard B 60 19MBS-B3
Pollination D. Lam F 60 19MBS-F1
Queen and Drone Biology Z. Huang B 60 19MBS-B1
Splits R. Bear E 60 19MBS-E5
Swarm Biology M. Milbrath B 60 19MBS-B2
Tracheal Mites M. Hansen A 60 19MBS-A2
Varroa Biology Z. Huang A 60 19MBS-A1
What We Wish We Knew C. Hubbard O 60 19MBS-O4
Wintering J. Hesselschwertd E 60 19MBS-E7

Southwestern Bee School 2019

Southwestern Bee School Class Name Instructor Category Minutes Code
All About Drones Kim Flottum B 60 19SWS-B1
Combs & Beeswax: No Honey Bees Without It Dr. Jim Tew C 60 19SWS-C1
Making Mead at Home Randy Smith C 60 19SWS-C2
Bees & Crop Pollination: The Basics Denise Ellsworth D 60 19SWS-D1
Starting Your Second Season: What to Do & When Kim Flottum E 60 19SWS-E1
Beekeeping on a Budget Randy Smith E 60 19SWS-E2
Hot Colonies or Killer Bees? Dealing with Aggressive Colonies Dr. Jim Tew E 60 19SWS-E3
Using Advanced Monitoring to Increase Production and Reduce Hive Mortality Alex Zomchek E 60 19SWS-E4
Season Long Forage for Bees Denise Ellsworth F 60 19SWS-F1
Swarm Traps, Trap Outs & Cut Outs: Learn Ways to Obtain Feral Bees Gary Keuffer O 60 19SWS-O1
Timing IS Everything: Learn What Buttons to Push and When to Push Them to Improve Hive Health Alex Zomchek O 60 19SWS-O2
Bee Hive Selection Gary Keuffer O 60 19SWS-O3

Advanced Beekeeping Classes: Stratford Ecological Center and Urban Honey Bee

Advanced Beekeeping Classes: Stratford Ecological Center and Urban Honey Bee Class Code
Introduction to Queen Rearing H 19SEC-H1
Feeding & Nutrition E 19SEC-EI
Varroa Mite: Monitoring, Mitigation, and Management A 19SEC-A1
Hive Emergencies E 19SEC-E2
Finding the Queen E 19SEC-E3
Re-Queening E 19SEC-E4
Queen Handling  E 19SEC-E5