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2018 Approved Master Beekeeper Classes

Unless otherwise noted, all classes earn 1 credit.   To request additional classes for approval, including classes given at local association meetings, please see the manual for requirements and application process.

Sustainability Thru Nucs - OSBA Traveling Speaker Program

Date / Location
Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
3/8/18  – UBCO Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1A
4/10/18- Greene County Beekeepers Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1B
4/17/18 – Maumee Valley Jamie Walters E 50 18OSBA-E1C
4/24/18 – NWOBA Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1D
4/26/18 – Summit County Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1E
5/7/18 – Guernsey Nobel Bob Hooker E 50 18OSBA-E1F
5/7/18 – Miami Valley Beekeepers Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1G
5/15/18 – Richland Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1G1
5/17/18 – Athens County Bob Hooker E 50 18OSBA-E1G2
5/20/18- Portage Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1G3
5/21/18 – Lake County Beekeepers Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1H
6/4/18 – Sandusky Beekeepers Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1K
6/10/18 – Warren County Beekeepers Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1L
6/10/18- Trumbull County Joe Kovaleski E 50 18OSBA-E1L1
6/12/18 – Greater Grand Lakes Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1L2
6/18/18 – Medina Beekeepers Joe Kovaleski E 50 18OSBA-E1M
6/23/18- Ashtabula Peggy Garnes E 50 18OSBA-E1M1
6/26/18 – ORBS Bob Hooker E 50 18OSBA-E1M2
7/10/18 – BSBA Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1J
7/15/18- Columbiana/Mahoning Joe Kovaleski E 50 18OSBA-E1J2
7/19/18  Adams County Joe Kovaleski E 50 18OSBA-E1J3
8/14/18 – Brown County Beekeepers Tim Arheit E 50 18OSBA-E1N
8/14/18- Coshocton Bob Hooker E 50 18OSBA-E1N2
8/17/18 – Carroll County  Joe Kovaleski E 50 18OSBA-E1O1
8/18/18- Tri-State Bob Hooker E 50 18OSBA-E1O2

Note: You may only count this talke once regardless of the number of times you attend.

Mid-Ohio Valley Expo - January 27, 2018

Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
May and June Pollinating Plants Laird Ruble F 50 18MOV-F1
Colony Decision Making Process  Parry Kietzman B 50 18MOV-B1
Recipe for Disaster Wade Stiltner O 50 18MOV-O1
Bee Behavior by Reading the Frames David Allen B 50 18MOV-B2
Diseases Rebecca Moretto A 50 18MOV-A1
Protein and Honey to Power the Body various C 50 18MOV-C1
A Control for Hive Beetles Joel Hausser A 50 18MOV-A2
Rebuilding and Apiary after a loss Larry Connor O 50 18MOV-O2
Raising you own queens, part 1 Wade Stiltner H 50 18MOV-H1
When do Honey Bees Need our Help? Teresa Wagoner E 50 18MOV-E1
Sustainable Backyard Apiary Larry Connor E 50 18MOV-E2
Herbs that attract bees to the garden Mona Barrett F 50 18MOV-F2
Raising you own queens, part 2 Wade Stiltner H 50 18MOV-H2
Bee Behavior   Dave Allen B 50 18MOV-B3
Swarm Traps Sam Hammett O 50 18MOV-O3
Honey Bee Viruses Parry Kietzman A 50 18MOV-A3
The Apothecary in the Hive Jeanne Saum C 50 18MOV-C2
Neonicotoids J.J. Barrett I 50 18MOV-I1
Whats your Game Plan? Teresa Wagoner O 50 18MOV-O4


Indiana Bee School, February 24, 2018

Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
Will Varroa-resistant Honey Bees ever be a Reality? Jeff Harris H 60 18IBS-H1
Planting for Honeybees Plus  Roy Ballard F 60 18IBS-F1
Apitherapy Ami Rice C 60 18IBS-C1
Selling Hive Products at the State Fair  Robert Duffy G 60 18IBS-G1
Purdue Research on Pesticides and Bees Ian Kaplan I 60 18IBS-I1
Spring Management  Katheen Prough E 60 18IBS-E1
Pollinators, Roadsides and Utility Right of Ways  Jeff Harris D 60 18IBS-D1
Swarms/Cutouts  Ross Harding O 60 18IBS-O1
Flow Hives, Fact or Fiction  Matthew Saner O 60 18IBS-O2
Honey in the Kitchen  Karen Lackey G 60 18IBS-G2
Biology of Varroa Destructor Mite  Krispn Given A 60 18IBS-A1
Secrets of Comb Honey  Dan Heilman C 60 18IBS-C2
Building Honey House  Tracy Hunter O 60 18IBS-O3
Hive Inspection  Dave Shenefield E 60 18IBS-E2
Brewing with Honey  Anita Johnson C 60 18IBS-C3
Rendering Wax  Tony Rekeweg C 60 18IBS-C4
Top Bar Hives, Are They For You? Gregg Roudebush E 60 18IBS-E3
Spring Management Katheen Prough E 60 18IBS-E4
Seasonal Management  Jeff Harris E 60 18IBS-E5
Miticide; Information on Using and Choosing  Mel Disselkoen A 60 18IBS-A2
 Making Nucs/Management  Tim Caldwell H 60 18IBS-H2


Tri-County - March 2nd, 3rd, 2018

Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
“What is Killing Your Bees Jamie Ellis  A 60 18TCBA-A1
Varroa Destructor Control Jamie Ellis  A 60 18TCBA-A2
Colony Nutrition Randy Oliver O 60 18TCBA-O1
Small Scale Queen Rearing Randy Oliver H 60 18TCBA-H1
Small Hive Beetle Detection and Control Barbara Bloetscher A 60 18TCBA-A3
Mead Making Scott Neeley C 60 18TCBA-C1
Birds and the Bees Jamie Ellis  O 60 18TCBA-O2
Adapting To Varroa & Oxalic Acid Randy Oliver A 60 18TCBA-A4
“TBD Reed Johnson   60  


Southwest Ohio Bee School, March 24, 2018

Location/Class Name Instructor Class A-O Class Minutes Class Code
Honey Bee Nutrition  Kim Flottum O 60 18SWOBA-O1
Varroa Mites and  Small Hive Beetles  Andrew Kartal A 60 18SWOBA-A1
Pollinator Biology Denise Ellsworth B 60 18SWOBA-B1
Monitoring Your Hives  Jim Tew J 60 18SWOBA-J1
Creating Buzz:  Direct Marketing Honey  Mary Griffith G 60 18SWOBA-G1
Bees in Your Ohio Backyard Denise Ellsworth D 60 18SWOBA-D1
Good Neighbor Beekeeping  Kim Flottum O 60 18SWOBA-O2
How I Went From  the Bee School to  15 Hives in Five Years  Randy Smith O 60 18SWOBA-O3
Lessons learned from  44 years of working  with beekeepers Jim Tew O 60 18SWOBA-O4
Seasonal Management  Part I  Alex Zomchek E 60 18SWOBA-E1
Seasonal Management  Part II  Alex Zomchek E 60 18SWOBA-E2

Ohio State Beekeepers Association Fall Conference 2018

Topic Instructor Class           A-O Class     Minutes Coding
Double Benefits of Drone Brood Removal  Dr. Reed Johnson A 60 18OSBA-A1
Keeping Safe Using Pesticides in the Hive  Dr. Chris Cripps  A 60 18OSBA-A2
 ADK- Inspecting with Results  Bob Hooker A 60 18OSBA-A3
 Microscopy Dr. Don Coats B 120 18OSBA-B1
Benefits of Genetic Diversity in the Hive  Dr. David Tarpy B 60 18OSBA-B2
 Benefits of Propolis to Honey Bee Health  Dr. Marla Spivak B 60 18OSBA-B3 
Pollen Trapping Melanie Seal C 60 18OSBA-C2
 Coming Out of Winter  Dr. David Tarpy E 60 18OSBA-E1
Bare Bones Beekeeping: A minimalist viewpoint  Freddy Proni E 60 18OSBA-E2
 Trees for Bees  Mike Connor F 60 18OSBA-F1
What Not to Plant for Bees Mike Connor F 60 18OSBA-F2
 Money of Honey-What’s it Costing You?  Freddy Proni G 60 18OSBA-G1
 Insurance Questions You Need to Ask Pat McKay G 60 18OSBA-G2
Food Safety and Your Apiary Products Dr. Abigail Snyder G 60 18OSBA-G3
 Packaging and Label Selection for Hive Products  Melanie Seal G 60 18OSBA-G4
Legal Structures- Which is Right for Your Business Claudia Galbreath G 60 18OSBA-G5
Tax Consequences of Your Business Structure  William Riccio, C.P.A G 60 18OSBA-G6
 Punch Method Queen Rearing  Gabe Blatt H 60 18OSBA-H1
Quality of Commercial Queens  Dr. David Tarpy H 60 18OSBA-H2
Queen Cells in Place of Mated Quee Gabe Blatt H 60 18OSBA-H3
Big Picture on Honey Bee Health  Dr. Marla Spivak I 60 18OSBA-I1
 Soybean vs. Clover Honey Production in Ohio  Dr. Reed Johnson I 60 18OSBA-I2
 Bee Lawns and Other Research  Dr. Marla Spivak I 60 18OSBA-I3
 Conservation Programs: USDA/NRCS  Wilson/ Koehler O 60 18OSBA-O1
 FSA Programs: NAP and ELAP   Kleski/  Piper O 60 18OSBA-O2