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Beekeeping Books

 Digitized Books from the Library of Dana Stahlman and other sources.

Backyard Beekeeping

by James E. Tew (2004) A great introduction to beekeeping for the beginner.    A few parts focus on southern beekeeping, but the majority is applicable to beekeeping everywhere. Produced throught the Alabama Cooperative Extention System                                 

Bee Hunting

by John Lockhard (1936) Bee Hunting was a short booklet published in 1936.  The author was John Lockhard.  The booklet discusses bee lining “almost a lost art into today’s beekeeping world.”                                 

How to Grow Queens for 15c Each

by Walter T Kelly (1942) Walter T. Kelley is know for the bee supply manufacturing business he established.  His company was responsible for the publication of several interesting booklets as well as a Magazine called “Modern Beekeeping.”   How to Grow Queens for 15c Each was as he describes it in the Preface “In offering this, more »