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Best Management Practices for Maintaining Honey Bee Colonies in Ohio


Beekeeping has become increasingly popular. This set of recommended Best Management Practices (BMP) is an attempt to outline guidelines for responsible management to avoid creating problems. This document is intended as a reference and standard for honeybee management for the state of Ohio.

It may serve as:

  • A resource for information to enhance community confidence in the safety of Beekeeping activities.
  • A standard reference for avoiding potential complaints or conflicts about beekeeping activities.
  • A compendium of best management practices that all Ohio beekeepers are encouraged to follow.


Most beekeepers are “back yard/part time” beekeepers. We have bees for many reasons, i.e. we like to use or sell honey, we want our vegetable plants and fruit trees pollinated, or we simply like insects. Whatever the reason, we are and want to be good neighbors. OSBA was formed to facilitate the exchange of experience and to stay informed of recommended changes in beekeeping practices, including the use of pesticides and treatments, integrated pest management, new threats to honeybee health, and government regulations.


Download the complete OSBA Best Management Practices (updated 3-28-2018)