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 Digitized Books from the Library of Dana Stahlman

Best Management Practices for Maintaining Honey Bee Colonies in Ohio

INTRODUCTION Beekeeping has become increasingly popular. This set of recommended Best Management Practices (BMP) is an attempt to outline guidelines for responsible management to avoid creating problems. This document is intended as a reference and standard for honeybee management for the state of Ohio. It may serve as: A resource for information to enhance community more »

Honey Recipes

(recipes that really use honey)

Member Discounts

Several companies and publications offer discounts or special offers to OSBA members.    American Bee Journal – Discounts offered on an annual subscription. Crooked Brook – 15% discount for OSBA Members. Honey Run Apiaries – 10% discount on open mated queens, virgin queens and queen cells.     If your company offers discounts to OSBA more »

Model Beekeeping Ordinance

Ohio Model Beekeeping Ordinance (PDF) also available in Word Beekeeping in Urban/Sub-Urban Environments Honey bees have played a vital role in Ohio’s agricultural industry for over 100 years.   Pollinators are critical to Ohio and our Nation’s economy, food security, and environmental health.   Honeybee pollination alone adds more than $15 billion dollars annually nationally in value more »

Ohio Apiary Laws

OHIO REVISED CODE CHAPTER 909. APIARY LAW Table of Contents 909.01 Definitions909.02 Application for registration; certificate; renewal909.03 Control and eradication of serious diseases909.04 Quarantine orders established by the director of agriculture909.05 Apiary entry; inspection purposes; search warrant909.06 State apiarist and deputy state apiarists909.07 Deputy apiarist appointments by boards of county commissioners; reports909.08 Annual inspection of more »

Ohio Fact Sheets

The Ohio Fact Sheets are a collection of short publications by the Ohio Department of Agriculture on beekeeping topics.  Please note that some of these may contain dated information and you should consult current publications (particular in regards to medications as new medications may be on the market.)

Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master Beekeeper Program

Ohio State Beekeepers Association introduced the Master Beekeeper Program in 2012.  Over 100 individuals had a hand in creating the present documents that make up the program. The Ohio Master Beekeeper Program is an intensive four step program – A beginning/Apprentice level, a Journey (man or woman) level, and a Masters level.  Certification by OSBA more »

OSBA Newsletters

(Newsletters are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.) 2019 1st Quarter 2019 OSBA Newsletter 2018 4th Quarter 2018 OSBA Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2018 OSBA Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2018 OSBA Newsletter 1st Quarter 2018 OSBA Newsletter 2017 4th Quarter 2017 OSBA Newsletter 3rd Quarter 2017 OSBA Newsletter 2nd Quarter 2017 OSBA Newsletter more »

Pesticide Kill Reporting

We need your help in collection information on possible pesticide kills.  This spring we have received several notifications of pesticide kills where no notice was given by the pesticide applicator. (See Pesticide Kills in Ohio) In communicating with other beekeepers, we have found that this is not an isolated incident in Ohio.  However, if we don’t more »

Pesticides and Honeybees

Pesticide use is simply a fact of modern farming.  If best practices for application of pesticides are used  and the law is followed, the danger to honeybees can be minimized and managed.  However, too often the law is not followed and it’s the beekeeper who suffers. So what can you do to protect your bees: more »

Pollination Providers

The following is a list of beekeepers who will rent hives for pollination and are members of OSBA.  This list is not an endorsement or recommendation by OSBA. Please send any corrections or additions to    Name Address/Phone/Email Number of Hives (Approximate number) Area Served (NE,NW,SW,SE,Central or All of Ohio)  Darren Leach 740-425-2695 more »

Powerpoint Presentations

This series of Powerpoint presentations was authored and developed by Dana Stahlman and was provided to Ohio bee clubs by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association (OSBA). Any part of the material can be used or adapted by any Ohio bee club to fit their educational needs. The OSBA supports beekeeping educational efforts in the state more »

Queen Rearing

Resources for raising queens: Ohio State Beekeepers Handbook for Raising Queens – This guide was written by Dana Stahlman, formerly a commercial queen raiser. Queen Rearing Calendar Generator – (Excel Spreadsheet)   Enter a grafting date and this calculator will determine when the cells should be placed in nucs, queens will emerge, etc.  

Queen Rearing for Hobbyists

Queen, Nuc and Package Suppliers

The following is a list of suppliers of Queens, Package Bees and Nucs who are members of OSBA.  This list is not an endorsement or recommendation by OSBA. Please send any corrections or additions to In addition to the list below, you will also want to check out the Buckeye Queen Producers Coop for more »