OSBA Traveling Speaker Program 2019- Sustainable Beekeeping: Queen Rearing for the Hobbyist Beekeeper

Your OSBA Board heard you and has agreed to sponsor a new 2019 Traveling Speaker Series. The topic will be “Sustainable Beekeeping: Queen Rearing for the Hobbyist Beekeeper.” This program will cover the basics of what is involved in queen rearing, considerations for a raising queens in a single apiary, small scale queen rearing tips, and how to incorporate queen rearing as part of a Sustainable Beekeeping Program.

Other Traveling Speaker Presentations include:

  • Monitoring for Sustainability

  • Sustainable Beekeeping: Using Nucs in the Apiary

  • Intro To Grants: What You Need to Know Before Starting Out

OSBA is covering the majority of the cost for this program. There will be a nominal fee to reserve a Traveling Speaker: $35 for OSBA affiliates, and $50 for non-affiliates.

To schedule a 2019 OSBA Traveling Speaker for your Ohio Beekeeping Association, click . to contact Terry Lieberman-Smith

To schedule a 2020 Traveling Speaker, contact Joe Heider .