OSBA Traveling Speaker Program 2018: Sustainable Beekeeping Using Nucs

Traveling Speaker Program: The Second Season

As part of the Specialty Crop Block Grant, our goal was to provide up to 30 Traveling Speaker Presentations on the topic of Monitoring for Sustainability within a two year period. We will have completed that goal during the 1st quarter of 2018. The presentation surveys provided not only positive feedback, but also suggestions for other topics OSBA could cover during future Traveling Speaker Programs.

Your OSBA Board heard you and has agreed to sponsor a new 2018 Traveling Speaker Series. The topic will be “Sustainable Beekeeping Management using Nucs.” This program will cover the basics of what a nuc is, how and when to make a nuc and how to use it as part of a Sustainable Beekeeping Program. Topics will include using nucs for swarm control, backup queens and insurance to hedge against winter hive loss.

OSBA is covering the majority of the cost for this program. There will be a nominal fee to reserve a Traveling Speaker: $35 for OSBA affiliates, and $50 for non-affiliates.

To schedule an OSBA Traveling Speaker for your Ohio Beekeeping Association, click .