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Pull up a chair and listen in on the conversation–

timely, informative, and best of all….short.


Feb  2015 – Pollinator Stewardship Council our Partner in Bee Nutrition  Michele Colopy

Dec. 2014 – Winter Beekeeping- with Bill Starrett

February 2015- Conversation with Roy Hendrickson, Part I, Winter

March 2015- Conversation with Roy Hendrickson, Part II : Pollen, Reversing, and The Formula


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  1. Mike McNally

    Great public service. Just starting with your programs.
    Thanks, Mike McNally

  2. Gary Hardwick

    Nicely done! Good topic, presented well. Looking forward to the next Podcast. Thanks!

  3. Pamela Pereira

    Ohio State’s website is user friendly compared to California. I appreciate the user friendliness a lot. Thanks for setting up such a great website.

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