OSBA Committees

Committees are responsible for many of the programs OSBA is involved with.  If you have questions for a specific committee, please contact the appropriate committee chair.

For volunteer opportunities, see our Volunteer page.

Standing Committees:

Standing committees are formed to handle long-running tasks until such time the OSBA board determines they are no longer needed.

4-H Committee

    • Jamie Walters – Chair
    • Sonny Ward – Co-Chair
    • Mike Doseck
    • Geoff Hultgren
    • Allyson May

Affiliate Program

    • No committee members

New Beekeeper Outreach 2020

    • Kelly Morse
    • Jim Hopkins

Traveling Speaker Program 2020

    • Rod Pritchard
    • Rick Blessing
    • Joe Heider – Co-Chair

Newsletter Committee

    • Kelly Morse- Coordinate Association Corner Articles

Conference Committee – 2020

    • Rod Pritchard
    • Sonny Ward
    • Dwight Wells
    • Nina Bagley

Education Committee

    • Dwight Wells
    • Tim Arheit
    • Jamie Walters

Master Beekeeper Committee

    • Bill Starrett
    • Allyson May

Outreach Event Committee

Nominating Committee – 2019 Election Info

    • Greg Bokan
    • Angel Mitchel
    • Peggy Garnes
    • Michele Colopy

Fair Committee

    • Nina Bagley
    • David Crawford
    • Dwight Wells
    • Zale Maxwell
    • Tina Bobek
    • Todd Rodgers
    • Marishka Wile

Finance Committee

    • Don Crock
    • Kathi Hinckley-Vaughn
    • Bob Hooker
    • Kyle Kovacs

Ad-Hoc Committees:

Ad-Hoc committees are formed on an as-needed basis to complete a task and are disbanded once the task is complete.

Constitution, Bylaw Review

    • Rod Prichard
    • Nina Bagley
    • Jeanie Saum


Note:  Per the OSBA bylaws.  The is a member ex­ officio of all committees.