OSBA Elections


Please check back for more information as it becomes available from the committees.

OSBA Nominating Committee has established a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the Committee.  The Committee SOP is a guide for the purpose of:

  • Voting procedures for Constitution updates 
  • Seeking Board Members
    • Nominee Application (download form)
    • Nominee Bio
    • A nominee background check (only required of those nominees with access to the OSBA checking/savings/Certificates of Deposit/Paypal).
  • Establishing voting procedures
  • Ballot counting and handling, and
  • Creating a policy for the several OSBA awards.

The 2020 OSBA Constitution:

Within the 2 documents below, please read & review the description of each.

  1. This document is the current constitution with language struck out to show the new language. Click Constitution Strike Changes 
  2. This document is a fresh copy with all of the changes done. This is the final language we will be voting on. Click Constitution Fresh Copy

The 2020 OSBA Nominating Committee: 

The OSBA Nominating Committee will be sending an e-mail letter to all OSBA Board Member candidates on record as running for a position to be voted on during the 2020 Fall Conference.  This letter requested each candidate create a biography using six questions developed by the Nominating Committee. The candidate response will be used to inform the general membership of who the candidates are and how they position themselves as qualified for the positions. The responses the OSBA Nominating Committee has received will be made available on the OSBA website, with the links to each candidate’s response. The candidate’s responses to the six questions/bio are posted in their original format, unedited and uncensored.  The positions up for election this year are:

  • OSBA Vice President
  • OSBA Secretary
  • Buckeye Hills Regional Director
  • Crossroads Regional Director
  • Western Reserve Regional Director  

 Questions candidates are to answer:

  1. How long has the nominee been involved in Ohio beekeeping?
  2. What beekeeping clubs and organizations is the nominee a member of?
  3. List the beekeeping activities and achievements the nominee has participated in or received?
  4. What qualifications does the nominee bring to the position?
  5. Have you read the constitution and understand the position for which the individual is being nominated?
  6. Please attach a short bio, personal photo, and any additional information that may assist in describing the individual’s skills.  

Download OSBA Nomination Form *Please return the completed nomination form to any of the Executive Board Members for processing and posting. 

Select the candidate’s name to read the responses to the six questions. (Candidates are listed in alphabetical order in each category) 


OSBA Vice President – candidate

Mr. Tom Rathbun – Candidate 

  •     X Nominee Application form 
  •     X Nominee Bio 

OSBA Secretary – candidate

Mrs. Jeannie Saum – Candidate

  •     X Nominee Application form completed
  •     X Nominee Bio 

Buckeye Hills Regional Director – candidate

Write-In ______________________________________

  •     Nominee Application form 
  •     Nominee Bio 

Crossroads Regional Director – candidate

Mr. Lloyd Horst – Candidate

  •     X Nominee Application form 
  •     X Nominee Bio 

Western Reserve Regional Director-candidate

Mrs. Allyson May – Candidate

  •     X Nominee Application form 
  •     X Nominee Bio 

Learn the OSBA Directors and Representatives Regions at https://www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org/about-osba/osba-regions/

  • Absentee ballots are permitted. The mailed ballot must be in an envelope with the return address of the OSBA member on the outside of the envelope. This is to prevent multiple voting by one member.  The absentee ballot will not be opened until ballot counting and will not be used to record or monitor the member’s vote. Completed absentee ballots will be mailed directly by the voter to the Nominating Committee Chairperson’s address. This address will be listed in the OSBA Fall Newsletter on the absentee ballot. If the Nominating Committee Chairperson is seeking election/re-election the Nominating Committee will determine the applicable mailing address for the absentee ballots.
  • Write-in ballots are permitted under the following guidelines;
    1. The name on the write-in ballot must be spelled correctly using first and last name.
    2. The home address or name of the home club or home city of the write-in candidate must be used to avoid any like-named persons.
    3. The candidate must be an OSBA member in good standing.

Online voting will be conducted at the Zoom Fall Conference through Survey Monkey.  OSBA members may only vote once.  Write-in candidates will be accepted on the Absentee and online ballot.

For more information contacting the Nominating Committee at