How to Create a Picture for Facebook using PowerPoint

 Click on one of the Rev. Langstroth photos in this story

            Right click on the photo and select SAVE AS PICTURE or SAVE IMAGE AS (save it as a jpeg)

Save it to your computer


Using Power Point to create an appropriately sized picture to post on Facebook

  1. Open the Power Point software program on your computer
  2. Select DESIGN on the menu bar
    1. Select SLIDE SIZE
      1. Enter WIDTH 6 inches
      2. enter HEIGHT 4 inches
      3. Click OK
  3. Select INSERT on the menu bar
  4. Select NEW SLIDE
    1. Select BLANK SLIDE
  5. Select PICTURE in INSERT area on menu bar
    1. Choose a picture you want to use from your computer
    2. Select INSERT
    3. Crop picture as you so choose
  6. Select PICTURE in INSERT area on menu bar
    1. Choose a Rev. Lorenzo Langstroth picture to use
    2. Crop picture as you so choose into your first picture
  7. Go to FILE on menu bar and select SAVE AS
    1. Name the file, and click SAVE
  8. Repeat above for any number of photos to post for “Where in the world is Rev. Langstroth?”
  9. Place your computer cursor on a slide
    1. Select FILE
    2. Select EXPORT
      1. Select Change FILE TYPE
        1. Select JPEG
        2. Name the picture and SAVE it where you can find it on your computer
        3. When asked “Which slides to export?” Choose ALL SLIDES or JUST THIS ONE
    1. Go to your Bee Club Facebook Page or OSBA Facebook page
    2. Select PHOTO/VIDEO in the blank “write something” box area
    3. Select UPLOAD PHOTO
      1. Select the photo you want to add
      2. Click OPEN
    4. The photo will upload
      1. You can “say something about the photo” by typing in the area
    5. Select PUBLISH
    6. Success!! You can now view your post