Honey Fudge
A great FAST recipe that works well if you need a "little sweet" for when last minute company comes by...
  • ½ c. butter (not margarine), at room temp
  • ½ c. cocoa powder
  • ½ c. honey (I used a light honey)
  • ¼ t. vanilla extract
  1. Line a mini-muffin tin with paper liners.
  2. Place all ingredients in a food processor.
  3. Process until blended
  4. Scoop into min-muffin tin
  5. Place in fridge for about 2 hours.
These are really rich and a bit on the soft side. I've seen other recipes that use coconut oil instead of butter. I tried it....let's just say they weren't worth the calories!
Recipe by Ohio State Beekeepers Association at http://www.ohiostatebeekeepers.org/2014/recipes/honey-fudge/