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Sep 13

Start Your 2015 Beekeeping Season Now!

Bee Smart– Pre- Registration Ends This Week! The organized beekeeper knows….   Build all of the equipment that you will need during the winter season!  Buy your equipment, holiday gifts and books at the Nov 1 Conference. Vendors include:  BEEpothecary, Betterbee, Bee Culture, Blue Sky Bee Supply, Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, Dadant & Sons, Huron Bee Supply, more »

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Jun 04

Pre-Registration Ends This Week

If you snooze…’ll lose out on an exceptional event Join us for the last great, educational event of 2014, Saturday, November 1st  in Plain City, OH Click here for more information:    Program Guide Now Available

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Jan 29

Buzzin’ About the Guest Speakers at the Fall Conference


Sue Cobey, Michael Palmer, Dr. Jim Tew, Dr. Reed Johnson, John Grafton, Denise Ellsworth, Lowell Lufkin and Michele Colopy…. Get a head start on next year’s beekeeping season with all the educational breakout sessions on November 1.   Register Today!

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