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Jan 17

How to Grow Queens

Walter T Kelley’s first public book, one of our first books now available in our digitized library of old beekeeping books dating back to 1623.         

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Jan 17

Renew Your Membership for 2012

2012 Membership is now due.   Membership runs from January to December so now is a great time to renew or join and support the Ohio State Beekeepers Association

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Oct 05

Proposed Revised Constitution up for Vote on November 5, 2011

The following is the proposed revisions the the associations constitution to be voted on at the November 5th, 2011 meeting.   Additions are in Red, sections to be removed are crossed out.       THE OHIO STATE BEEKEEPERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC.  PROPOSED REVISED CONSTITUTION­    May 26, 2011  ARTICLE I Name  The organization shall be known more »

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May 08

JT Queen Project Weather Update

To:  OSU queen project supporters and those who have ordered queens From:  Dana Stahlman Date  May 8, 2011 Subject:   Queen Project I am sure you are anticipating the arrival of your JT Project queens.   I am going to have to delay the shipments of any queens this spring due to many problems outside the human more »

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Apr 04

Bee Informed Partnership – Participate in the Survey to Help the Bees

The Bee informed Partnership, a joint project among numerous universities and laboratories, needs your help and is asking you to please participate in two surveys. Both surveys are open only from 1 April through 18 April 2011.  You can learn more about the Bee Informed Partnership at . Thank you for your participation. Please more »

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Mar 31

Mite Away Quick Strips Now Available in Ohio!

The Mite Away Quick Strip (MAQS) have now been approved for use in Ohio and are available now from your Ohio and other beekeeping suppliers. Mite Away Quick Strips is a biopesticide used for the treatment of Varroa mites.  It’s active ingredient is Formic acid, but unlike the previous Mite Away II pads they have more »

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Feb 27

Register Now! – The Business of Queen Raising

Two courses on the business of raising queens will be offered: April 15 & 16th at Piketon, OH or May 20 & 21st at Wooster, OH.  This is a great opportunity for YOU to learn how to raise queens. No prior knowledge of queen rearing is required. Everything you need will be provided. BEE sure more »

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Feb 20

OSBA Supports Effort to Raise $20,000 for The OSU Bee Lab

The OSBA board voted to join into the partnership called “The Queen Fund Project”. The leader of this group is Dana Stahlman. As the project leader he has put together a team including: The Walter T. Kelley Company, The OSU Bee Lab, Central Ohio Beekeepers Association, The Jefferson Township Trustees (Franklin County), Conrad Hive and more »

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Feb 10

USDA-ARS Funding may be cut. Beekeepers urged to call their Congressmen!

House Republican leadership have released a partial listing of proposed cuts to the FY 2011 Continuing Appropriations bill totaling over $40 billion dollars. According to Congressman Hal Rodgers (R-KY), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, this is “the largest reduction in discretionary spending in the history of our nation.” Included in the list of proposed more »

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