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Used Woodenware for Sale

Downsizing and need to move some woodware.  14 deep hive bodies, 5 bottom boards, 7 inner covers, 6 top covers, 7 honey supers, 4 queen excluders, 7 Boardman feeders, 4 landing boards, 5 migratory covers (top & front) and 1 foundation wire embedder.  Must be inspected by ODA State Inspector / County Inspector, to be more »

Comb Honey Equipment

8 boxes new thin foundation for comb honey 1,000 split-section boxes for comb honey 80 comb honey supers asking $650 Call Tony 937-667-1420

My Bee Supply

Simpson’s Bee Supply

Central Life Sciences

Queen Right Colonies

WiFi Hive Scale

Mann Lake Ltd

Kelley Bees


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