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Sticker You- Honey Labels

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Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens

Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens A Great Ohio Bred Queen from Ohio Stock Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens $35.00 plus shipping Ohio Buckeye Belle medium frame nucs  $180.00 Very limited supply of overwintered nucs. order by email to; 937 947-1568  

Dan Grant

Leibengood Family Apiaries – 2018 Packages

3 lb Packages for pick-up in Clyde OH  

2019 northwest Ohio nucs

Now taking orders for spring 2019, 5 frame northern adapted nucs.  All nucs are 5 frame mediums with at least 4 fully drawn frames, a good laying northern queen, and an abundance of bees.  Nucs will be treated for mites prior to pick up and will be in a cardboard nuc box for transport, Price is more »

Bulk Northwest Ohio Raw Honey

Bulk Northwest Ohio Raw Honey – 100% of the honey we sell is produced by our family bee farm located in Northwest Ohio. We strain our honey to remove large wax particles but do not filter and do not heat our honey.  We leave it as natural as possible to ensure you get the best product we can more »

New complete 10 frame hive for sale

I have a new complete 10 frame hive to sell.  It has been stained with two coats.  Includes a screened bottom board, two 10 frame deeps, inner cover, metal top outer cover, top feeder with floats and a metal queen excluder.  The frames have wax foundations and wired.  $175 I also have theses things that more »

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