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Jun 03

Ohio Honey Bee Industry Struggles After Long Winter

This past winter’s polar vortex did a number on agriculture. Crops and trees suffered damage. Hit hard were bees, which were already struggling with other problems. Some Ohio beekeepers lost nearly all of their stock, and the loss reaches far beyond the bee hive. The United States has seen a shrinking bee population for years. more »

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The Answer to the OSBA Newsletter Page 5 Question:

Italian Stallion, Bee Beauty, Hive Queen, OS Bee A, Alex’s Brunet, and California Drone


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May 17

ODA Looking into Possible Pesticide Kill

State officials are investigating a possible pesticide kill at Honey Run Farms in  Pickaway county, Ohio.  Lifetime OSBA member Isacc Barns discovered hundreds of foragers dieing in front of his hives shortly after corn was planted in an adjacent field.  Barns believe seed treatments containing neonicotinoids, which have been banned in Europe, may be to more »

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May 03

National Honey Bee Management and Loss Survey Extended to May 6, 2014!

The National Honey Bee Management and Loss Surveys have been extended to May 6th! This survey is for ALL beekeepers of all sizes, with or without unusually high losses this winter.  This survey helps quantify the number and types of bee losses as well as what management practices worked and which ones didn’t’.   The survey more »

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Apr 12

Take the National Colony Loss Management Survey now!

The National Colony Loss Management Survey is organized by the Bee Informed Partnership and is sponsored by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).   It is important that beekeepers participate in this survey because it will help track losses and evaluate management practices.    The survey is open from April 1st until April 30th and more »

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Mar 30

‘Save the Honey Bee’ License plate needs your support!

 For over the past year, the Ohio State Beekeepers Association has been working to DEVELOP a ‘Save the Honey’ license plate FOR CONSIDERATION BY THE OHIO STATE BUREAU OF MOTOR VEHICLES.   This license plate will bring more public awareness about the plight of the honey bee and raise additional funds that OSBA can use to more »

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Mar 19

Dovilla and Pelanda Announce Legislation Supporting Ohio’s Beekeepers

  Michael D. Dovilla 7th District ______   Policy and Legislative Oversight, Chairman   Finance & Appropriations   Higher Education Subcommittee   Military & Veterans Affairs     Ohio General Assembly House of Representatives Columbus   Vern Riffe Center 77 South High Street, 13th Floor Columbus, OH 43215-6111 _____   T: (614) 466-4895 _____   more »

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Mar 18

EPA: Beekeepers Must Move Bees

From the Pollinator Stewardship Council: Last fall the EPA published a new pesticide label originally for the foliar application of four neonicotinoid pesticides.  By December, the EPA stated this new pesticide label language would be “harmonized” across all chemistries.  The label was meant to protect pollinators. The Pollinator Stewardship Council with the Bee Industry, sought more »

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Mar 15

Bee Informed Partnership offers Colony Monitoring Service

Bee Informed Partnership March 12, 2014 We are looking for beekeepers from across the country who manage 10 or more stationary colonies and would be ready to participate in this Real Time Disease Load Monitoring of Nosema and Varroa mite levels over the course of the next 6 months. We are very happy to inform more »

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Jan 10

Walter T Kelley Co. – Kelley Beeswax Foundation

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