A Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Training Program

Sponsored by:

Ohio Produce Growers & Marketers Association
Ohio State Beekeepers Association


Presenting Beekeepers:

John Grafton & Jim Tew

Supporting On-Line Text Book:

Backyard Beekeeping
By Dr. James E. Tew


Video Segments

  1. Assembling Hive Equipment (6:20)
  2. Frame Assembly  (8:13)
  3. Branding Wooden Equipment (3:39)
  4. Lighting a Smoker (2:26)
  5. Spring Bee Flight (2:19)
  6. Spring Management Part 1 (5:35)
  7. Spring Management Part 2 (6:52)
  8. Spring Management Part 3 (5:35)
  9. Spring Management Part 4 (7:26) (Feeding Bee Hives)
  10. Correcting a Cross-Comb Colony (9:16)
  11. Refurbishing Hive Equipment (5:40)
  12. Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 1 (5:11) (Determining the need for a new queen)
  13. Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 2 (5:53) (Stabilizing the weakened colony until a queen can be purchased.)
  14. Evaluating a Queen’s Performance Part 3 (7:44) (Installing the new queen)
  15. Evaluating A Queen’s Performance Part 4 (5:45) (Checking the new queen release procedure)
  16. Package Bees Part 1 (5:14) (Preparing the hive and the queen)
  17. Package Bees Part 2 (3:07) (Releasing the bees)
  18. Hiving a Swarm (7:45) (From beneath the screen bottom board)
  19. Hiving Three Swarms (5:45)  (Three swarms found in three different situations)
  20. Laying Workers Part 1 (7:58) (How to combine it with another colony)
  21. Laying Workers Part 2 (6:03) (Combining a laying worker colony with a queen-right nucleus colony)
  22. A Quick View of a Propolis Forager (2:16)
  23. Water Foragers (3:24)
  24. Moving Two Bee Colonies (8:16)
  25. An Introduction to Wintering Biology (3:10)
  26. Basic Hive Equipment (7:08)
  27. Feeders Part 1 (8:00)
  28. Feeders Part 2 (6:09)
  29. Hive Supers (6:35)
  30. Preparing Colonies for Winter (3:53)
  31. Protective Equipment (5:32)
  32. Specialty Beehive Equipment (5:04)
  33. Transferring Bees Part 1 (8:34)
  34. Transferring Bees Part 2 (5:30)


PowerPoint Productions

  1. Honey Bees and Parasitic Mites – A Historic Review with Some Control Suggestions (45 min)
  2. Commercial Pollination (17:50)
  3. The Dynamics of Pollination (12:45)  


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  1. Leul

    Beekeeping is the finest of professions. OSBA also assures this truth by providing information / on-line trainings. as a result I would like to thank this association.

  2. Steve Petrilli

    Very good videos which can be used to supplement a Beginning Beekeeping Course and also videos to show and discuss at monthly bee keeper association meetings at the appropriate time throughout the year. Thank you for all the time and work involved to produce these videos.

    More importantly, these videos are fairly recent. Thanks once again for providing the resource to enable bee keeping to be introduced and shared with others.

    Steve Petrilli, Membership Director
    Illinois State Beekeepers Association

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