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ADK – Treatments

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association cannot make any recommendations as to which treatment should be used.   Available treatments will change over time so be sure to check the website periodically.  Use all treatments according to the manufacturer’s instructions.   See the ADK Manual “Monitoring For Sustainability” for instructions how to detect and diagnose pests and diseases.

(This is a work in progress)

Varroa Mites – ???

American Foul Brood – ???

European Foul Brood – EFB is a bacterial disease that affects pre-capped bee larvae. 

Small Hive Beetle – ???

Sacbrood – Sacbrood is a viral brood disease that often occurs during spring or colony buildup and causes larval death.  Infected adult bees have decreased lifespans, which impacts overall hive health.

Chalkbrood – Chalkbrood fungus kills larvae which then dry and become a white or grey/black chalk-like mummy. The fungus weakens but rarely kills the colony.

Wax Moths – ???

Nosema – ???

Yellow Jackets – ???

Tracheal Mites – ???



ADK – Treatments – American Foul Brood

ADK – Treatments – Chalkbrood

ADK – Treatments – European Foul Brood

ADK – Treatments – Nosema

ADK – Treatments – Sackbrood

ADK – Treatments – Small Hive Beetle

ADK – Treatments – Tracheal Mites

ADK – Treatments – Varroa Mites

Also see for Videos on Various treatments by the Honey Bee Health Coalition Varroa mite PSA – Video 1 – IPM – Video 2  & 3 – Sampling methods –  Chemical Controls Synthetic Chemicals Apivar Video 5 – Using Apivar – Apistan Video 6 – Using Apistan or Checkmite+ – more »

ADK – Treatments – Wax Moths

ADK – Treatments – Yellow Jackets