Apiary Diagnostic Kit

So What is an Apiary Diagnostic Kit?

One of the many questions that we keep hearing from new beekeepers is “what exactly am I looking for?” when they inspect their hives. That is a really good question. How can you identify pests and diseases, and keep track of the health of the hive if you do not know what to look for, and what tools to use?

The OSBA ADK (Apiary Diagnostic Kit) Committee developed a portable kit complete with tools and a full-color laminated field guide to help identify issues and provide a tracking form for each hive visit. Our 50 intrepid volunteers put the kits through their paces this summer and reported twice a month through an on-line survey. From their feedback, the committee refined the kit contents along with the manual.

The kit contains: 5-gallon white bucket with lid, Fresnel Lens, Tweezer, LED Flashlight, UV Flashlight, Capping Scratcher, Sugar Shake Jar and Screen, Rubberband, Coffee Filters, Drone Comb Frame, Queen Marking Tube, Queen Marking Pen, Dry Erase Marker, Measuring Cup, Hive Beetle Blaster, Hive Beetle Jail, Microfiber Towel, and 34-page full-color laminated spiral-bound manual.

The goal is to increase beekeeper confidence in hive management by providing tools to help monitor and diagnose changes in the hive before they reach a critical stage and the hive dies.

If you were to create the kit from scratch, you would pay over $80 for just the kit contents, not including the laminated manual, or individual shipping charges. The kit is available from Betterbee.com at Apiary Diagnostic Kit the cost is $69.95