Jan 02

2018 northwest Ohio nucs

Now taking orders for spring 2018, 5 frame northern adapted nucs.  All nucs are 5 frame mediums with at least 4 fully drawn frames, a good laying northern queen, and an abundance of bees.  Nucs will be treated for mites prior to pick up and will be in a cardboard nuc box for transport, Price is $150.
Call or email Ron Baldridge at 419-303-5334, or

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Nov 02

Proposal would reduce beekeepers’ liability against damage claims

Noting bees’ importance as pollinators of the fresh produce items Ohioans eat and the other crops raised throughout the Buckeye State, a lawmaker has proposed a bill that would relieve responsible beekeepers of liability against personal injury or property damage claims.

Republican Rep. Dick Stein of Norwalk introduced House Bill 392 in the Ohio House of Representatives to protect beekeepers as long as they adhere to the best practices of colony management and to keep municipal courts free of unnecessary claims.


See the following for more:


Proposal Would Reduce Beekeepers’ Liability Against Damage Claims

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Oct 05

OSBA Annual Fall Conference 2017

OSBA – Annual Fall Conference

November 4th, 2017 – Plain City, Ohio

Tolles Career Center – 7877 US Highway 42 S – Plain City OH 43064

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association is holding its annual Fall Conference at Tolles Career & Technical Center in Plain City, Ohio.  Based on past attendance, and the central Ohio location, we anticipate attendance of over 400 beekeepers.  Our powerhouse line-up of guest speakers include: Dr. Johnathan Lundgren, Meghan Milbrath, Dr. Reed Johnson, Christie Welch, and others!

Tolles Career & Technical Center is our continuing meeting location for our Fall Conference.  This location is easily accessible, and offers easy access parking, large classrooms, large room for lunch and a huge hall for vendors.   This facility enhances the conference experience for participants and vendors and will provide a location where we can continue to grow.

We are also excited to include honey judging and honey testing this year at the OSBA Fall Meeting.  See registration for details.

Current line-up of vendors includes (for vendor websites, click on their names):

Bastin Honey Bee Farm

Bee Calm and Hive On


Bella’s Bees


Blue Sky Bee Supply


Brushy Mountain Bee Supply

Buckeye Queen Producers

Dadant (The Frankfort office is closed, but the Hamilton location will offer free shipping with a $150 minimum order, no feed, not containers.  You must be attending the conference to get this offer).

Ernst Seeds

Honey Run Apiaries

Kelley Beekeeping

Mann Lake

Mel Disselkoen

Mockingbird Meadows

My Bee Supply

O’Keefe Electronics

Pollinator Stewardship Council

Reid’s Apiary & Bee-tique

Rock Bridge Trees

Simpsons Bee Supply

Stratford Ecological Center

Strong Microbials

Superior Bee

The Bee Barn

The Bee Corp

Wicwas Press

Wifi Hives


Check out our  Program  Guide


Registration Fees


  • $25 – OSBA Member Pre-Registered
  • $35 – OSBA Member at the door. (Cash, Check or Credit card accepted at the door)
  • $35 – Non Member
  • $10 – OSBA Guest (Spouse or children under 18 with paid OSBA Member)

Click here to register

Online registration closes October 28th

(Credit Card or Paypal accepted online. Credit cards will be accepted the day of the event.)

Mail registration must be postmarked by October 21st

See the  Registration Packet for the conference schedule,

mail in form and more details!


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Sep 11

Bulk Northwest Ohio Raw Honey

Bulk Northwest Ohio Raw Honey – 100% of the honey we sell is produced by our family bee farm located in Northwest Ohio.

We strain our honey to remove large wax particles but do not filter and do not heat our honey.  We leave it as natural as possible to ensure you get the best product we can provide.

Since family time is always short we currently only sell in 5 gallon buckets or 55 gallon drums.  Atkins Family Bee Farms focuses on honey production and providing bulk quality honey at a great price.  We are also unable to ship honey at this time.  Contact Kevin Atkins, Cecil Ohio, 419-796-9393 

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Mar 11

New complete 10 frame hive for sale

I have a new complete 10 frame hive to sell.  It has been stained with two coats.  Includes a screened bottom board, two 10 frame deeps, inner cover, metal top outer cover, top feeder with floats and a metal queen excluder.  The frames have wax foundations and wired.  $175

I also have theses things that were used one season:
Two 10 frame top feeders with floats $12 each
Two 10 frame inner covers $5 each
Two 10 frame metal outer covers $10 each
Two 10 frame screened bottom boards $8 each
Two 10 frame metal queen excluders $5 each

John Frederick
4938 Dutch Lane
Johnstown, Ohio 43031

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Feb 28

Take Action Before March 6th for Honey Labels

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association is asking its members to take action today!

The American Honey Producers Association seeks your support concerning new honey nutrition label language.  No matter the number of hives you manage, whether you sell your honey at farmer’s markets, or share it with family and friends: we are all beekeepers.   

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued guidance for nutrition labels.  Beginning in 2018 FDA will require packaged honey to include on the nutrition label both “Total Sugars” and “Added Sugars”.  However, FDA does not distinguish between the two.  Labels will need to include the same amount of grams of sugar under each category e.g. “17 grams of Total Sugar” and “17 grams of Added Sugars.”     Keep in mind, products sold by companies qualifying for small business exemptions are one exception to this requirement. Small business exemptions are available for products sold in small volume (fewer than 100,000 units per year) by small companies (fewer than 100 employees).   This label change will not affect all beekeepers immediately.  Eventually, it will create confusion across the honey industry and mislead the consumer about a natural product that is in actuality a healthier sweetener to add to food than processed white or brown sugar.

The National Honey Board has presented research to the FDA showing “added sugars” on labels confuse consumers.  The FDA’s new Guidance for Nutrition Labels is open for public comment.  Beekeepers need to advise the FDA the sugars in honey occur naturally.  Requiring commercial honey producers to adhere to this label guideline will confuse food consumers, and mislead the public about honey.

To review the Draft Guidance for Industry Questions and Answers on The Nutrition and Supplement Facts Labels Related to the Compliance Date, Added Sugars go to https://ahpanet.site-ym.com/resource/resmgr/ahpa_documents/Draft_Guidance_For_Industry-.pdf

Thank you,

Tim Arheit, President of OSBA



The Ohio State Beekeepers Association is asking its members to send your comments to FDA today and let them know pure honey does not contain added sugars.

  • Copy the text of the comment letter below
  • Select this link to submit your comment https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2016-D-4414-0002    (Regulations.gov has been S-L-O-W to load in your browser, please be patient!)
  • Paste the text into the comment box
  • Enter the requested information (you can submit a comment “anonymously”)
  • Click on the CONTINUE button. Follow the prompts on the screen
  • Comments appear in the docket within 24-48 hours.




COMMENT LETTER you can copy and paste into the online docket


As a member of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association, I support the concerns of the American Honey Producers Association over the FDA requirement of packaged honey to include a nutrition label listing both “Total Sugars” and “Added Sugars.”   This requirement does not distinguish between the two sugar types.  Therefore, labels will need to include the same amount of grams of sugar under each category e.g. “17 grams of Total Sugar” and “17 grams of Added Sugars.”  This will confuse food consumers.

As a small scale beekeeper, this label language will not affect me directly in my sales at farmer’s markets, and to individual customers.  However, if this label is implemented at the commercial beekeeping level it will begin the misinformation to food consumers that sugar is added to honey.  Eventually, it will create confusion across the honey industry and mislead the consumer about a natural product that is in actuality a healthier sweetener to add to food than processed white or brown sugar.

As stated in 21 US Code §342 (b)(4), “A food shall be deemed to be adulterated… if any substance has been added thereto or mixed or packed therewith so as to…make it appear better or of greater value than it is.”  

If consumers are informed through the Nutrition Facts label that honey contains “Added Sugars” then consumers may be led to believe that honey is adulterated, by the regulatory definition, with sugars added to develop or enhance its sweetness.


We realize that honey is added to foods in preparation or manufacturing and in that case it is clearly an added sugar in those foods and would therefore be labeled as “Added Sugars” on the Nutrition Facts label.  However, pure honey, itself, does not contain added sugars.


We share the desire for clear, understandable nutrition information to aid consumer choice.

Our desire, as is the FDA’s, is to inform consumer food choices to promote public health without confusion or misbranding around pure honey. 


As a beekeeper I encourage the FDA to consider listing the naturally occurring sugar content of 100% pure honey as a “Total Sugar” and not “Added Sugars.” 



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Feb 06

2017 4H Essay Contest

Sponsored by: The Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees, Inc.

2017 Essay Topic: “How can MP3 (Managed Pollinator Protection Plan) more effectively protect honey bees from pesticide exposure?”

Beekeeping has had is five minutes of fame for the past seven years. Now more than ever, the general public along with beekeepers are asking “What will happen if the bees are gone?” With the continued threat of pesticides, this is a very real question. Your paper should research and help answer this question.

Survey your community to see what is being done. Include your state in your survey to see if there are any programs they are using for pollination or any other program that could aid the honey bee.

The scope of the research is an essential judging criterion, accounting for 40% of your score. The number of sources consulted, the authority of the sources, and the variety of the sources are all evaluated.

See http://preservationofhoneybees.org/essays for details.

Deadline for submission is March 3rd, 2017

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Feb 06

Honeyrun Farm – Spring Nucs

Taking orders for spring nucs. 

$160- Half due up front, half due at pick-up

-Our five framers come in a deep wooden nuc box. (No mediums available.)

-This durable, ventilated, leak-proof box can be used as a future swarm catcher, or provide a handy means of making a split for your coming apiary endeavors.

-The nuc itself will consist of a young laying queen, three frames of brood in various stages, one foundation frame being drawn, and one feed frame of honey and pollen. Five frames total, bursting with overwintered bees from here in central Ohio.

-Queen will be placed and nucs will be monitored 2-3 weeks before the pick-up date.

-All nucs will be marked as to the origin of the queen. There will be a variety available, but we cannot take requests. More details below, just click on the pick-up date of your choosing.


Info at http://www.honeyrunfarm.com/nucs-for-sale/


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Jan 30

NAGC Launches “BeeCare”, Testing for Honeybee Diseases

Bulk Discounts Offered to Benefit Local Beekeeper Groups

Fargo, ND; January 25, 2017 – The National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) will launch “BeeCare” testing service for honeybee diseases in February 2017. A total of nine viral and two bacterial diseases will be covered in the BeeCare test panel, which includes all currently known major honeybee diseases found in North America.

NAGC is offering a discount to beekeeper clubs and associations for bulk shipments of 100 or more samples. Regular BeeCare pricing is $20 for any one viral or bacterial disease test, and $75 for the panel of all eleven diseases. But bulk shipments of 100 or more samples will cost only $50 each sample for the full disease panel. Beekeeper groups can pass the savings onto its members, or take the difference in pricing to help offset the group’s operating expenses.


The BeeCare disease panel has been validated through test samples from Central North Dakota and Eastern Missouri. It includes testing for:

  • Acute Bee Paralysis Virus
  • Black Queen Cell Virus
  • Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus
  • Deformed Wing Virus
  • Israeli Acute Bee Paralysis Virus
  • Kashmir Bee Virus
  • Lake Sinai Virus #1
  • Lake Sinai Virus #2
  • Slow Bee Paralysis Virus
  • American Foulbrood Bacteria
  • European Foulbrood Bacteria


Sampling Protocol

BeeCare tests need a minimum of 50 bees per sample. Dry bees (no alcohol) should be packaged in a “breathable” bag with information about the bees (who sent them, what location) written on the outside. A preferred method is to package them in a brown paper lunch-size bag, and then double bag them with the contact information written on the second bag.

Each bulk shipment of 100 samples or more should be sent by the beekeeper group with a submission form, payment and a spreadsheet that identifies the source of each sample: name, address and contact information for each beekeeper; and identification of the hive being tested. A submission form can be found on the NAGC’s website: www.genotypingcenter.com.

About NAGC

NAGC is a not-for-profit corporation that uses state-of-the-art technologies to help farmers, ranchers and other agricultural producers find solutions to production challenges. NAGC is headquartered at the Helix Center in suburban St. Louis, with its laboratory facilities in Fargo, ND.  Honeybee research and assay development was undertaken with the financial assistance of the National Corn Growers Association and of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.

For more information, contact: Megan Palmer O’Neil, Laboratory Manager, NAGC, 1605 Albrecht Blvd North, Fargo, ND. , 701-239-1449.

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Jan 24

2017 Package Bees – Lima Ohio $108

#3 Georga package bees with Italian queens are being offered again for 2017.   Pickup dates are March 29th, April 5th, April 19 and May 10th.   Cost is $115 by credit card, or cash discount price of $108 for check, money order or cash.   Order must be placed in advance and paid in full.

For order forms and more information see: http://www.honeyrunapiaries.com/package-bees-nucs/package-bees/

Honey Run Apiaries


Delphos, Ohio


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