Jul 13

15 Hives for Sale, $200 each.

I have 15 hives for sale some double deeps and some eeep with medium.  High quality carniolan stock.

$200.00 each. Minimum of 5. Serious inquiries only.

Call Cline Apiaries.740-797-0904.

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Jun 30

EAS Journal, Spring 2015

EAS-Journal 2015 Spring

  • From the Desk of the President
  • Potherings of a Chairman
  • EAS 2015 Registration Form
  • An Ontario Apiculture Primer for EAS Members
  • The Tech Tour
  • The EAS Master Beekeeper Certification Program
  • EAS 2015 Conference Schedules
  • Housing Options for EAS 2015
  • Mark Winston: EAS 2015 Keynote Speaker
  • Master Beekeeper Certification Committee Now Accepting Applications
  • Short Course Workshops
  • Painting Hive Equipment
  • Short Course Schedules
  • Regional and Local Bee-Raising Concepts
  • Decontamination of Hive Equipment Using
  • Ozone Fumigation
  • Wheelbarrow Project
  • EAS Show Rules & Judging Criteria
  • EAS Contact Information


Download the EAS Journal. Spring 2015



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Mar 23

Save the Honey Bee License Plate Now Available at Ohio BMV!

Get one now for your vehicle.  The plate is listed as “Ohio Beekeepers” plate_small

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Feb 09

Ernst Seed

Ernst Seeds

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Feb 09

Medivet- Fumagilin-B


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Feb 09



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Feb 09

Bee Culture


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Feb 09

Stahlman Apiaries – Buckeye Belle Queens


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Feb 09

MDA Splitter- Books, Sugar Bricks, and more


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Feb 09

Package Bees for Sale – Lima, Cincinnati and Tipp City, Ohio

These packages are fresh from Gardner’s Apiaries in Georgia.  They get picked up and are transported overnight for delivery the next day.  

The packages are Garner’s #3, which include an Italian queen, for the 2015 price of $94.  
Extra queens may be purchased for $25 each.

See www.olddrone.net for more details and order forms.


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