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The last 20 pages added or updated are listed below:

(Note that the below does not include any changes to local associations, officers or the swarm list as that information is kept in separate databases from typical pages. Nor does it include changes to attached information such as images, pdf files or software updates. Pages edited multiple times will only show the most recent time they were updated.)


    • Revised: Dec 18, 2014: Urban Beekeepers of Central Ohio meeting (Created: Nov 13, 2014)

      New group for urban beekeepers. Will discuss our purpose, gather suggestions from group. Speaker for…

    • Revised: Dec 18, 2014: Beekeeping 201 (Created: Jan 10, 2015)

      Need a bit more beekeeping instruction? This class is for those who already have hives or have taken…

    • Revised: Dec 18, 2014: Beginning Beekeeping Workshop (Created: Jan 29, 2015)

      In this 6 session class, participants will learn everything from raising bees and setting up hives t…

    • Revised: Dec 7, 2014: Listen and Learn (Created: Jun 4, 2014)

      Our podcasts are easy on the ears,
      and helpful to your beekeeping!
      Take a listen

    • Revised: Dec 7, 2014: Make 2015 A Better Beekeeping Year (Created: Jan 29, 2013)

      Start now by listening to OSBA Podcast Central–
      Click here for our listing

    • Revised: Dec 7, 2014: Need a Some Mentoring? (Created: Sep 13, 2014)

      Listen in to our podcasts.  Interviews with experienced beekeepers on season topics that will help…

    • Revised: Dec 7, 2014: OSBA Podcast Central (Created: Dec 7, 2014)

      Need a beekeeper boost?
      Pull up a chair and listen in on the conversation– timely, informative, an…

    • Revised: Dec 5, 2014: Support H.B. 474 – Save the Honey Bee License Plate-Action needed by Dec. 8th (Created: Dec 5, 2014)

      The Save the Honey Bee License Plate is one step closer to becoming a reality.   On Tuesday, Decem…

    • Revised: Nov 6, 2014: The Ohio State Beekeepers’ Association, Inc. Constitution (Created: Feb 8, 2011)

      OSBA Constitution – As Approved by the general membership on November 1st, 2014

      OSBA Bylaws…

    • Revised: Oct 22, 2014: 2014 OSBA Fall Conference (Created: Nov 1, 2014)

      OSBA – Annual Fall Conference
      November 1st, 2014 – Plain City, Ohio
      Tolles Career Center -…

    • Revised: Oct 11, 2014: Maumee Valley Beekeepers Honey Tasting (Created: Sep 16, 2014)

      Honey Tasting

    • Revised: Oct 1, 2014: Bee Keepers Work to Revive Ohio’s Honey Bee Populaton (Created: Oct 1, 2014)

      Ohio bee keepers are trying to restore the honey bee population around the state. WNKU’s Steve Hirsc…

    • Revised: Sep 24, 2014: OSBA Newsletters (Created: Feb 20, 2011)

      (Newsletters are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.)


      4th Quarter 20…

    • Revised: Sep 21, 2014: Approved Classes 2014 (Created: Oct 15, 2013)

      The classes below have been approved for credit towards the Ohio State Beekeepers Certified Master B…

    • Revised: Sep 13, 2014: OSBA 3rd Quarter Newsletter Available On-Line (Created: Jun 3, 2014)

      The Answer to the OSBA Newsletter Page 5 Question:
      Italian Stallion, Bee Beauty, Hive Queen, OS Bee…

    • Revised: Sep 11, 2014: GCBA Meeting (Created: Sep 16, 2014)

      Join us for our September meeting– Our Bee-University will cover High Moisture Honey. Our Guest Spe…

    • Revised: Sep 1, 2014: Officers, Support & Staff (Created: Jan 29, 2011)
    • Revised: Jun 19, 2014: Queen, Nuc and Package Suppliers (Created: Jan 15, 2013)

      The following is a list of suppliers of Queens, Package Bees and Nucs who are members of OSBA.  Thi…

    • Revised: Jun 13, 2014: 5 Frame Deep Nucs for Sale – Athens, Ohio (Created: Jun 13, 2014)

      nucs  for sale limited no. of 5- frame deeps with 2014 ohio raised queens in them.$135.00 ea. also…

    • Revised: Jun 6, 2014: Dealing with bears around beehives (Created: Jun 20, 2014)

      A seminar on how beekeepers in Ohio can learn to adapt to beekeeping in areas where bears are found.

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