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History & Mission


The tradition of beekeeping history in Ohio is reflected in the membership and past membership of OSBA.  Ohio, the home of the A.I. Root Company and final resting place for L. L. Langstroth and A.I. Root, is proud of its role in this tradition.  The Ohio State University continues to lead in honey bee research and beekeeping extension.  While the state no longer has the largest bee-supply manufacture in the world, or sends out more queens than any other state, we still have some of the best beekeepers in the world.  We are pleased that you are visiting our pages.

Our Mission

The Ohio State Beekeepers Association serves beekeepers in Ohio and is associated with other organizations who have an interest in beekeeping.

  • Provide our membership with current beekeeping information and represent them when beekeeping issues arise in Columbus and at the Department of Agriculture.
  • Provide our membership with a quarterly newsletter.
  • Provide our members with OSBA discounts to a major beekeeping magazine
  • Provide one educational meeting a year (fall).
  • Support other beekeeping organizations in the state of Ohio by providing speakers, and publishing information about their activities in our newsletter.
  • Support the 4-H project in Ohio.  Any 4-H member working on a beekeeping project can get on our mailing list for our newsletter.  Some OSBA members also serve as mentors to these young people.
  • Support our Ohio State University bee programs — research and extension.
  • OSBA works to promote beekeeping in Ohio.

Additional Historical References