08/04/2020 archive

2021 ABF Conference & Tradeshow Postponed

Watch for New Online Education and Networking Opportunities Starting this Fall Always working in the best interests of our members, the American Beekeeping Federation (ABF) is postponing its 2021 ABF Conference & Tradeshow out of a preponderance of caution and commitment to protecting the health and safety of the beekeepers we hold so dear. “This more »

Used Woodenware for Sale

Downsizing and need to move some woodware.  14 deep hive bodies, 5 bottom boards, 7 inner covers, 6 top covers, 7 honey supers, 4 queen excluders, 7 Boardman feeders, 4 landing boards, 5 migratory covers (top & front) and 1 foundation wire embedder.  Must be inspected by ODA State Inspector / County Inspector, to be more »

“New” Calendar of Events

OSBA calendar of events (OSBA Calendar) is posted under events in the bar options. We will be sharing: dates of board meetings, committee meetings, live webinar training events, educational opportunities, webinars, deadlines, and local club/association schedules. You’re welcome to submit the event HERE.