Jan 11

Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens

Dana Stahlman is announcing the sale this year of OHIO BUCKEYE BELLE QUEENS. I will be going to Georgia in January to begin the process of building nuc’s for the production of Ohio queen stock that was described in the Walter T. Kelley Newsletter published in June, July and August of 2013.

The queen stock has been further enhanced with Artificial Insemination with selected drone semen. The mother queen survived in an abandoned bee yard (a hive that had not been managed for a number of years) and upon examination, the hive during the period it was not managed did not have wax moth or a long interruption in bee population which would have been indicated by rebuilt comb in the hive. In July the bees were inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture with both bee and comb samples sent to USDA for inspection and report. The report from USDA found no disease or mites.

If you are interested in purchasing queens or wanting to sell some of these queens, email me at: stahlmanapiaries@aol.com. Buckeye Belle and Buckeye Reb queens were produced by me during the 1990’s and early 2004. I am bringing them back into production.

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