Mar 19

Support Ohio’s Bee Inspection Program

A letter was sent to County Commissioners by a Knox County beekeeper, Brian Farmer, with three or so years of experience and an ax to grind advocating the end of County bee inspection programs in Ohio. 

OSBA has responded to his letter.  It is important for local organizations to raise their voice and let County Commissioners know that you appreciate what they do for you.   Now is not the time to remain silent if you appreciate what your county is doing to support beekeepers.  

Brian Farmer’s original letter and OSBA’s response can be viewed below:

Brian Farmer’s Original letter to County Commissioners

OSBA’s Response – February 24 Letter Concerning Brian Farmer- Hardin County

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  1. james d patterson

    I fully support the county bee inspector program and believe it should be strongly supported by Ohio counties and the state of Ohio.

  2. Tom Burris Sr

    Bees are in a crisis in this country and around the world. Now is not the time to stop Inspections of hives. It would be like pulling the plug on treatment of early stage of cancer.
    Tom Burris Sr Ashtabula County

  3. Stan Hockey

    Not only do I support inspection but I also abhor the “opt out” option. Beekeeping is NOT a backyard hobby. It is a $19 billion dollar a year industry. How a beekeeper manages, or mismanages his/her hive affects not only other beekeeper, but agriculture on the whole.

  4. Debra K. Hill

    We need to keep healthy bee hives to produce food crop, flowers, honey and last but not least, the best wax on the planet.
    Inspection is the ONLY way to monitor how we are doing and the ONLY way we can be proactive in protecting our bees.
    Toxic bees…..Toxic planet.

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