Feb 20

OSBA Supports Effort to Raise $20,000 for The OSU Bee Lab

The OSBA board voted to join into the partnership called “The Queen Fund Project”. The leader of this group is Dana Stahlman. As the project leader he has put together a team including: The Walter T. Kelley Company, The OSU Bee Lab, Central Ohio Beekeepers Association, The Jefferson Township Trustees (Franklin County), Conrad Hive and Honey Suppliers, COBA Master Beekeepers, and other industry suppliers. As he wrote for the Walter T. Kelley newsletter, The OSU Bee Lab led by Dr. James Tew and Sherry Ferrell has faced a double whammy from the destruction of the bee storage barn by a tornado in September and reduced state funding for the bee lab. The project will create funds without government grants and give Ohio beekeepers the opportunity to support the bee lab by purchasing queens produced from superior stock.

Our first large order came from the Medina Beekeepers Association with an order for 100 queens. Queens produced by this project can be purchased from OSBA, Simpson’s Bee Supply, Queen Right Colonies, or directly from Dana Stahlman. The schedule for queen delivery will be based on when orders are placed. The first queens will or should be available in early May. Queens can be mailed or picked up directly from Dana Stahlman. All queens will be sold for $25.00 each. All income and profit from this project will be given directly to the bee lab.

This will be a great way to support the bee lab and a way to benefit your club. If your organization would like to order queens for members, contact Dana Stahlman, 3075 Mann Road, Blacklick, Ohio 43004, phone 614-855-1656 or email: . All funds collected by Dana Stahlman will be given over to the OSU bee lab. He request that all checks sent to him be made out to the OSBA Bee Lab Fund. He does not want cash or credit cards. Check with him regarding scheduling and shipping cost or pick up times.

The Bee Lab fund Project Group would like to thank OSBA for its generous contribution of funds and support. OSBA has given funds from the Ohio Queen Project in the amount of $2,531.00. This funding is earmarked for stocking 250+ nuc hives with bees, feed, and start up cost. Combined with funding from other sources such as materials for nucs (wood, frames, foundation etc.), volunteer labor to be donated, land to set up the nuc yard, and the other things to bring this project together, will lead to all Ohio beekeepers benefiting not only to support OSU bee lab but improve their own queen stock as well.

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