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OSBA Fall Conference ~ via Zoom. Talk about a great time, it was like a TV production. The speakers/presentations were amazing and tons of educational information. While their recorded presentation was playing, they were logged in and answering the questions from the attendees. The entire day was recorded and will be broke apart and posted on the OSBA YouTube channel VISIT HERE

Thank you to everyone that attended (200+) and spending the entire day with us. We want your feedback, there will be a survey sent to everyone that attended. Please take a few minutes to fill this out. Hopefully, we will be meeting in person in 2021, but this technology will bring endless possibilities in the future for outreach and new speakers & presentations. 

OSBA Nominating Committee – Election Results

Constitution Updates: PASSED

2021 Newly Elected Officers & DirectorsVice President: Mr. Tom Rathbun, Secretary: Mrs. Jeannie Saum, Crossroads Regional Director: Mr. Lloyd Horst, Western Reserve Regional Director: Mrs. Allyson May

There is a 4-way tie for Buckeye Hills Regional Director. Please stay tuned for updates. 

OSBA 2021 Ohio Partnership Program (formerly known as 4-H Partnership) entries were submitted and judging will begin. Please stay tuned for the announcement of selected winners on December 5th. More details>>

OSBA Live Webinar Training the Zoom webinars are hosted on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 7:00 pm.  All events are FREE to register for and attend. Where to register, how to attend, who’s presenting, and what if I missed a presentation? More details>>

Turn your property from a food desert into a food oasis for pollinators. Ohio State Beekeepers Association has partnered with Ohio Prairie Nursery to help you make an easy choice. More details>>

OSBAA Web-Based Introductory Beekeeping Training Program” is online but (currently unavailable) for sale on DVD. The program consists of 34 videos and several PowerPoint presentations presented by Dr. Jim Tew and John Grafton. Topics include assembling hive equipment, installing packages, inspecting hives, and much more. More details>>

A note on contacting OSBA: When emailing questions or concerns, the best way to get quick and accurate answers is to email the correct person. We’ve set up a contacts page to help you do just this. So before you email, please check this page and choose the most appropriate contact for your question.

We invite you to learn more about OSBA and what membership has to offer…